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  1. Great engine the CP2. I have the MT07 and the low-mid torque is great fun and enough power for our roads, gone are the days for top end stuff, enjoy
  2. Pie man

    New bike!

    Nice bike, a great power house to take you anywhere with ease. I thought it would have been lighter than the big ol bird of an FJR I had the old R1100RT and that was as smooth as silk and took me to Italy and back with ease a few times.
  3. nice bike. I'd a thought you'd a been a RS man
  4. What was Cardo's instruction. How do you have it set up now. I dont know much about the BMW TFT apart from there are several issues when using Eyephones. Is the Sat Nav recognised as the main operator - do you have the Cardo linked directly to your phone 1st or sat nav and TFT. Try linking the Cardo to the sat nav & TFT. Sorry not much help, What do I know, I ride a KTM and struggle with the TFT on that
  5. Where is the bike and why can you not see it!
  6. Good shout, I need to add a location/venue, otherwise I get lazy and cant be bothered going anywhere.
  7. Out this weekend, unsure where yet, need a three sided coin, either Lakes, Dale's or Peak District
  8. You can find plenty of roads in North Wales with very little traffic on them. Today was very busy on the Major roads, stick to the B roads and hardly any traffic. Edit B4407
  9. Buffeting on your helmet can get annoying
  10. went for a ride around Wales, I tried the new screen with the spoiler on today, ended up at an angle to deflect the wind on my shoulders, helmet in clean air around the chops. I'm not sure about it on the small screen.....interested to see how you get on with it
  11. I've not been over the Snake for a couple of years, the road at the Glossop end to Ladybower was in horrendous condition. I hope its a lot better now
  12. After all the mix up with my 2nd Jab, my Covid passport now says I've had the AZ vaccine 3 times
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