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  1. As from yesterday I'm the annoying neighbour. We started excavation & construction work - Builders radio has no volume down button.
  2. My UK and European cover was included with my insurance however; the KTM came with its own 2 years cover and the MT07 1 years cover. Both bikes and cars are also covered with Green Flag. Although the best recovery I experienced was when I didn't actually have any cover. Due to a crash I had, I was informed I wasn't covered for recovery. I kicked up such a stink, the person on the other end of the phone arranged recovery. A company that specialises in bike recovery came and collected the bike and took it home for me. The Driver couldn't get a signal to contact his office, so, fair play to him, he took me and the bike home.
  3. Wales - Twice in Three Days. Caught up with an old touring buddy today. At 76 he's still touring abroad.
  4. On Friday I had a ride over to Colwyn Bay - Betws y coed - Blaenau-Ffestiniog - Bala - Home (204 miles) doing it all again Sunday. Meeting up with an old mate at the Ponderosa Cafe.
  5. Off to North Wales in the Morning. Rain or no rain I'm going for a ride
  6. Option E. I commute on an MT07. just as small as a 125, excellent commuter and its agile with plenty power to pull away from danger, fast enough on M-ways. Not everyone's cup of tea (very little weather protection) but its put a smile on my commute and I like it the more I ride it. No E = No Likey
  7. Pie man

    How much?

    I'm just converting my 3L V6 van to LPG - I think its going to end up costing the same as RON95 per Ltr soon.
  8. I wouldn't get too hung up about the DVLA getting details correct. You can get the errors on the V5 corrected, word of caution - be ready to provide evidence. I have imported vehicles, provided all details and await the V5. Its been know to get a returned V5 with just 'Toyota - White - petrol' Glad you got most of your questions answered
  9. Went for a ride. The 3 Shires route. Lancashire, Derbyshire and Cheshire. Stopped for a quick pick at Jodrell Bank
  10. Cant believe that made it to number one in the UK charts
  11. I know. Maybe it should've gone in the entertainment section under 'your worst joke' and that's what is it my worst joke
  12. I have fond memories as a child watching Star Trek with my dad. One one occasion I said 'Dad I wish I could have been shot in to space' My dad turned to me and said calmly 'well son. If I hadn't have been pissed you would've been' 'Taxi'
  13. According to many media platforms, that wont be so fookin much then
  14. So I could be eligible to pay a handling fee, along with 20% VAT and customs duty. ffs Brexit is really pissing me Off. Is it too late for me to apply for Irish Citizenship.
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