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  1. I will be visiting the Cotswolds (I think)
  2. I nominate Myself for being a dozy fooker. Lost the ignition key to the bike
  3. If you want to stop the general public from panic buying you will have to gag the British Media, we wouldn't be in this mess if they hadn't misconstrued the morons general public with their news story.
  4. Haha that's not a daft suggestion. I must have checked the ignition at least 4 times. I was doing some tidying up in the garage and I cant even recall seeing it. I will have to order a Genuine Spare....more money I haven't got....
  5. Managed to fill the Van for the wife today, I thought 'right I need to fill the MT07 ready for my commute to work', I'm down to last bar on fuel gauge. Came home and got ready to return on the MT07 - couldn't find the bloody key, searched for hours, will try looking again tomorrow fuming is an understatement. The key must be in the garage somewhere (I think)
  6. Just nipped out on the bike to fill up for work - nothing, nadda, only Morrisons appear to have petrol however there is an hour and a half queue for it. The country is down the pan.
  7. I was gonna go for a ride. I have an 8pk of loo role, anyone want to swap for a gallon of unleaded
  8. And thats only the beginning I dread to think what I've spent over the years on bikes, clothing and accessories.
  9. Been out early today (grass roots football) drove past 3 petrol stations, all the bogroll brigade are out, sad fookin petrol w**kers
  10. Johnny 5 is no longer alive, he has been turned into a fugly TFT display.
  11. Had a little chuckle to myself - I wondered if you were staying in the Mariners Hotel in Lyme Regis.
  12. Good Luck, I hope it all goes well for you.
  13. Anyone venturing to Motorcycle Live this year 4th - 12th Dec 2021.
  14. Is that meant to be a stereotypical biker - Well done the BBC
  15. To be fair those twats shouldn't be driving. On my daily commute I must capture at least half a dozen people a day using their phone while driving, and the number of vehicles that go through traffic lights on red is endless.
  16. Why do you ask, @Howlinmadian I'm down the road in the land of Lobbies
  17. Mileage for the trip Day 1. 290 Day 2. 278 Day 3. 203 Day 4. 241 Day 5. 210 Total mileage 1222
  18. I usually undo and take things to pieces - I usually end up saving weight, especially with the bits I have left over
  19. I can see that, I thought the location of them was a bit Sh1t.
  20. The Following morning I head off out through Inverness, didn't bother to stop anywhere. I made my way to the Cairngorms. Passing through Grantown-on-Spay, Tomintoul, Braemar etc, a fantastic route I have travelled several times before however today it was a pea-souper. I didn't see that many motorhomes or bikers heading over the Cairngorms. I fuelled up at Braemar - the petrol station attendant was friendly enough, we chatted for a while, I had a coffee and we were talking about where I was heading, a truck driver called in and said if you're heading towards Perth its pishing it down. Oddly enough it stayed dry for me all the way until I reached Moffat. On my way to Moffat my Sat-nav had a wobbler and I ended up in some right glamourous places Not I did manage to take a snap of the Kelpies I continued through the concrete jungle until I was out on the roads to Moffat and enjoyed a leisurely ride to my overnight stop. My accommodation in Moffat was great, it was the kind of place that even had an hot & Cold running urinal in the room (only Joking). The following morning I packed up and headed south taking the A&B roads over Shap until I hit Lancaster then it was motorway all the way home. Until the next one.....................
  21. I pass through Ullapool, only stopping to fuel up, having been so many times before I sometimes don't see the point in stopping there. I fuel up with E5 and head of for Marybank. I take a few snaps on the road out of ullapool.
  22. I have crossed this bridge at least half a dozen times and never bothered to stop. After leaving the bridge I head off towards Ullapool however I take a right turn and head for Lochinver. The place was rammed with tourists In Lochinver there is a pie shop. so without hesitation I joined the very long queue for a Pie. (Two Pies and a can of coke £14.) I dined on the carpark where I ended up talking to a nice fella and his wife who were on an organised tour, I had followed them for some miles but we had taken different routes to the Loch. We chatted for a while, an old local stopped and joined in, I have met some nice and friendly people on this trip. I only ate one pie and saved the other for later
  23. After breakfast I went for a short walk and could see the Stromness-Scrabster ferry just docking, lovely blue sky this morning, I walk back and gather all my belongings and head off along the coastal road. I wondered if you could still get fuel from those pumps. (Ullapool & Moffat peterol stations still had E5) all the Gleaner ones where E10) I headed off following the coast to the Kyle of Tongue crossing, there is a couple of parking lay-bys on the crossing, I stop to take a picture and ended up talking to a old retired Scotsman (reminded me of uncle albert from Only Fools) he was staying on the crossing in his motorhome and had been there for two weeks. not surprising really as the views are spectacular. I wish him well and set off for the Kylesku Bridge. Taking a couple of scenic snaps along the way.
  24. Smoo Cave. When I was last there in 2019 I had the place to myself, this year you couldn't get on any of the carparks for motorhomes.
  25. I headed back to my accommodation, a few more bikes had arrived. I got talking to the Africa Twin owner for a while, nice fellow from the Blackpool area, they were heading south. It was time for food, I had the pollo funghi and two pints of Tennents finest and then off to bed. to be continued
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