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  1. Have you tested the rebound? With the f brake on pump the forks a few times then let them come up on their own. if they go up and down a few times then there is not enough damping. They need to come up and just start to go back down. Ended up with 20W (46 ISO hydro oil to be exact) in my MK2 1200 with Hagon springs. Not all fork oils specs are the same., someones 7.5W may be anothers 5W The more pre load you apply the more spring energy there is stored so you need to up the damping (thicker oil) to stop that harsh feel. Hagon recommended for my 1200 around 25mm less air
  2. Thanks Bob Those coloured pipes Bob............... Well That Motad was sourced from eBay in 2005. The Motad Neta (black chrome with Gold can bought 1990) I had was starting to look a bit tatty. This one was advertised as discoloured from a Z550 and at £25.00 i snapped his hand off. They are only single skinned anyway so will colour up. I did think that the bike it was from may have had a ign timing problem with 1 -4 more blue than 2-3. Mine is set fine, Piranha unit working well, tappets set bang in the centre of the spec and jetting perfect, I balance the
  3. Yesterday had a good day out. Straight home from work and got the Z500 out and down to Strawberry Fields Cafe just south of York to meet up with fell VJMC members. Then on to Squires for chat to a few other members and back home via the A1. 140 miles of fun. Just time for a quick cuppa, snooze and back to work.
  4. look at the bottom side ones too. My 1200 vibs at 2000, 4000, and 6000 more than other revs. filled the handlebars with expanding foam isolated a few vibs, some peaple use ball bearings. in the bars or really heavy bar ends. Front wheel bearing would show up at speed WITH the revs killed. Rob
  5. Go for the JT chain as well as the sprockets. http://www.jtsprockets.com/catalogue/ http://www.jtsprockets.com/chain/
  6. Darlington market square, where the dophin centre doors are, was a good day 2 years ago, plenty to see. don't forget Taylor's pies!!!!!! rob b
  7. Lovely John. bring one to the Vintage Vehicle Event in Darlington Saturday July 17th 2021. VJMC stand will be there and my Z500 rob b
  8. Not far from me. Will have to take a look next time am in Richmond. Ta Got the Z back out of the back of the shed. Whooo hooo
  9. Would like to mention The Strawberryfields Cafe, Crockey Hill just south of York. Good stop off and meeting place, good grub and friendly staff, been open when able and gone out of there way to keep people happy. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g186346-d5272043-Reviews-Strawberry_Fields_Cafe-York_North_Yorkshire_England.html#MAPVIEW https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g186346-d5272043-Reviews-Strawberry_Fields_Cafe-York_North_Yorkshire_England.html#photos;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=198519285
  10. +1 for fix my street. https://www.fixmystreet.com/
  11. With the weather getting better I got on with the Bandit headlamp and fairing stuff. link here
  12. Headlamp Aiming for MOT The last job before the fairing panels are refitted is the low beam pattern and height check. Different tolerances apply depending on the bulb height. Up to 850mm and ones that are over 850mm from the ground. The MK2 1200 Bandit low beam bulb is 830mm and therefore in the RED tolerance band. The beam height must be between 0.5 and 1.25% below the headlight height and the “Kick Up” should be no closer that 2% of the headlight height to the left of the centre of the low beam bulb The bit of ground where the shed is slopes slightly downhill so the best place to set
  13. linuxrob

    Degreasing chain

    +1 for diesel and paraffin. Heat the bike cleaner up it will de-grease better 50C . Use an air line to dry it thoroughly - do not use WD-40 to get the water out.
  14. I decided to run the low beam relay from a switch to give me the option to start the bike without the additional load of the headlight when the starter motor spins. I also wanted to run my Day Running Light on the oil cooler via a switch. The ideal place to mount 2 switches is the gap just below the clocks. I started with an old plastic bolt draw and made cut outs for the small switches to fit into. The housing was then painted and switched sealed underneath with silicon sealant. The switch waterproof caps were then fitted. Housing test fitt
  15. take it that each plug has it's own coil pack?
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