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  1. Cleaned up the Z500 for Bike Fest, Stamford Bridge on Saturday 10-4pm and York Vintage show at the racecourse on Sunday. Took a pic of the bike in the same spot as in Sept 1980. here they are. Bike fest is free but you have to pay to get into the York show. 1980 2021
  2. Thought i would announce to the world my 1980 Z500 passes the 80000 miles last week, forgot to take a pic so did one tonight when i got back from the VJMC breakfast meeting at the Strawberry Fields cafe south of York.
  3. Just came across this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/
  4. Be careful. that oil pump has not been designed for a cooler, simple tapping off and returning it to the sump will divert ALL the oil it can and you end up with NON where it is needed. It need to be in SERIES with the oil gallery IE through the pump to the cooler and then back ideally to the filter then main gallery to the other parts of the motor. The GN125 and other motors like this use roller bearing cranks and the lub systems do not require the pressures or flow a plain bearing motor need. the main part that needs pressure are the camshaft journals as they are run into the head.
  5. Ditto Bob, just in case anyone missed this the first time. The Z's 40th birthday running last year
  6. Got the CarPro PERL out and did a bit of polishing of the engine, came up well.
  7. Would never use a waterless wash unless there was only a thin layer of dust on my bike. Maybe for people in the places where water is either had to get or expensive? Will have to get one of those pet dryers.
  8. Not tried that Mike, Ultra black???? Is it???. I use a quick detailer as a drying aid and top up in between waxes on the paintwork and frame. For all rubber, plastics and that includes my calipers and engine I use CarPro PERL diluted 1:3, a good silicon polish, dries well, not oily, and bring back the satin black well. will post a pic or 2 when i start polishing the engine etc in a few days, got some work to do in the house before i can get in the shed and play again. Used a few "bumper shine" type things over the years but PERL is my go to. You can use it neat on faded plastic and it lasts well. here is the clean of the Bandit motor i did in 2017 with PERL.
  9. Did a 160 mile round trip on Thursday on the Z500. Down to Strawberry Fields cafe to meet up with the VJMC Yorkshire members then on to Fimber cafe nr Seaways cafe and home via Malton, Helmsley and Stokesley. Got court in a very heavy thunderstorm just after Malton. Roads flooded with very dirty farmyard water and spray from oncoming traffic. pants had dried a bit by the time i got home but the bike looked a wreck. more Detail Had to wait till next day to wash it. Even though it was still raining I could not wait any longer. Tank and side panels off for a separate wash. Bunged the petrol and vacuum pipes up and covered the air intake and exhaust outlet with plastic bags. Used to use Muc-Off until around 5 years ago when I discovered that the pre-wash used on the car is, in my option, far better and cheaper. This is Bilt Hambers auto foam. It is designed for use in snow foam lances and also from a pump sprayer. I use a 4 litre pump sprayer on the car which I have modded with an old tyre valve so can pump it up with my compressor and tyre adaptor to 40 psi (the relief valve on the sprayer blows off at around 50 psi). The concentration used is their recommended 4% so 40 ml of product to one litre of water. A 5 lt container of concentrate Auto foam will therefore give you 250 litres of cleaner, and all for just under £17.00. Compare that to even the concentrate of Muc-off at around £45.00 for 5lt giving 20 lt of cleaner. The application is the same method, just spray on leave for a few mins depending on temp and rinse off. I the centre setting on my hose trigger is used but the jet option is OK but does tend to soak me too. Have used it with the pressure washer on low setting and on a big fan nozzle taking care not to go too near the bike. As with the car, one application and rinse will get rid of around 85 - 90% of the dirt. The car takes approx 2lts of cleaner to cover it all (Ford Fiesta), the bike even less. It was dull and drizzling when I did the bike so went round about 4 times giving plenty of time to break down the grime. You could see the dirt moving with each spray. Gave the pipes and wheels a good agitation and the engine fins a careful brush with a soft detailing brush to work the cleaner in to the nooks and crannies. After the rinse off, bucket wash with a quality car shampoo (Bilt Hamber Auto wash) It was dried with the airline and my drying towel. A good result I think. The engine cases have dulled a little but that is due to the muck not the cleaner they will get their "blackness" back with a coat of silicon polish. Anyone else want to share their methods of cleaning??? Rob B
  10. Had a full day out on the Z500. 159 miles. Got caught in a thunderstorm from Malton to Helmsley. g no waterproofs as it is summer you know. got absolutely soaked through. Road flooded and really dirty water. Know what i will be doing in the nest few days.
  11. linuxrob

    Tyre size

    Your back wheel will have a rim size on it from that you can look up the widest tyre you can safely fit to that rim size. Measure the clearance between the tyre and nearest thing to it that it might hit (swing arm or chain guard) then take the width of the tyre you have and work it out from there. some more info which could help https://www.blogotive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Motorcycle-Wheel-Rim-Width-for-Tires-Size.pdf https://www.maxxis.co.uk/know-your-tyres/motorcycle-tyre-safety/wheels-and-rims https://dropbears.com/motorcycles/utilities/tyrerim.htm
  12. Refitted the steering damper back on the Z500. Had a test ride round the country roads and remembered how well it used to handle on these uneven roads. note to self, "never take it off again". Rearsets to cleanup and refit next.
  13. Perfect. you could try some engine oil 10-40? try some poured out and see if it is thicker than the fork oil you have. think i got a rear linkage pin from CJ accessories?, local garage pushed in my new needle roller. here are the pages from my records of the work on the K4 in PDF Bandit Overhaul from 2017 rear shock linkage only.pdf
  14. Ah yes a K8?? it's the one nut at the bottom on the 650 sa K7 and 8 etc, water cooled???. My K4 1200 has 2 pinch bolts, should have said pinch bolts now i come to think of it, sorry bout that. you leave the yoke clamps as they are.
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