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  1. Least she's home happy warm cared for and safe looks like she's having fun. Then they grow up and the world through their eyes changes!
  2. I'd say they suffer more harm using social media, being exposed to shite on the TV and a modern commercial world and running round with other kids who carry knives stabbing others. Years ago people had to walk round with ration cards and gas masks they just got on with it and did what they could with a defiant smile on their faces. Most of the negative comments come from groups of people who haven't lost anyone or experienced first hand what this virus does and how it consumed hospitals with hundreds of patients on ventilators meaning one to one care. Furthermore tell those that have had to deal with it how to do it and do it better whilst being happily furlowed or just typing away on a keyboard. . Do what you wish have your own views just don't compromise me and mine! To that end make sure you don't stick any other sort of needles in those children's arms to suit ie for holidays and routine childhood jabs we wouldn't want to be hypocrites now would we!
  3. Its a case of shopping around with pets. We have to travel a little bit more to our vets instead of the local one but we have a policy with the vet rather than a company it doesn't cover everything ie the medication bit they normally tell us if it's cheaper to buy from petdrugsonline who are good and deliver within 2 days. Our mutt is 15 and they are really good and doesn't cost us masses. Pet insurance just got silly otherwise
  4. Bizarrely I noticed this article about e scooters today. I wouldn't fancy hitting a pot hole at 70 on this Safety fears rise as e-scooter's with speeds of up to 72mph are sold https://mol.im/a/10121683 via http://dailym.ai/android
  5. The super socos seem quite decent but the range is still an issue I'm sure they will develop in the coming years. Its a good sales ploy to drip feed improved range to keep people upgrading! We have some nissan leafs at work the originals had lousy range the amusement in the winter of having to switch the heater and any ancillaries off to get back to base!
  6. I have neighbours that do the usual "want to wash my car" when I'm cleaning the bike. I reply with the same sarcastic laugh every time. The one neighbour who doesn't work used to keep telling me I have too many days off, the swift response of "not as many as you" has resulted in him if Ignoring me now so job done there!
  7. Yes that did lower it a bit I believe. I can't complain it's not cheap but with the spec level it came in at a good price compared to a beemer or KTM. Bikes are horses for courses but it's easy to maintain in terms of the basics so far reliable and does everything I need really well. I was amazed how good it was fully loaded at 2 up touring. The OEM tyres have been quite good I swapped out the ones on my Tracer early doors as they were not great in the wet.
  8. I'm guessing from your posts your not a fan of Honda's or this particular engine
  9. https://www.rally-raidproducts.co.uk/honda-cb500x-cb500f
  10. I'm sure the CB will be just fine for you. There are plenty of mods available and rally raid kits to upgrade if you need to.
  11. Public services jobs are just a paycheque now I'm afraid it's frustrating at best and depressing at worst trying to do your job. Too much meddling, selective press scrutiny which equals not being able to effectively do a job
  12. Enjoy and take it easy!
  13. Looks great hope you like it and had a nice blast out this afternoon!
  14. Give them a call and tell them they may as well pay you a few quid for the privilege
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