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  1. Hope it’s been good
  2. Because they are an utter C*NT !!
  3. Brain dead is right, what a bunch of absolute fukwits - the only reason there’s a chronic shortage is because they all think the sky is falling in and rushing out to fill their tanks!! If everyone acted normally in this respect there might be the odd local delay !! I hope all the hoarders have stocked up on E10, it goes off & truly f*cks up their vehicles !! Better be some available tomorrow so I can fill up the mighty Speedtriple & piss off to Piston & Props at Sywell autodrome or I will not be happy
  4. It’s Madness at the petrol stations
  5. Rev bombing is only acceptable in a tunnel with an antisocial pipe and only then if flames can be guaranteed
  6. Ha, small trailers & light cars can call chaos - As a nipper I remember my Dad was towing our garden trailer with his Austin 1100 on the way back from the tip - unfortunately he’d forgotten to fasten the box onto the trailer after shovelling all the crap out at the tip - it chose the middle of Bromsgrove high street ( before it was pedestrianised ) on a Saturday afternoon to detach its self - I had to help my Dad get it back on, I was cringing in embarrassment in case someone I knew saw us, so it went back on bloody quickly.
  7. Hope you’ve had a good’un
  8. Happy birthday to both of you. Hope you both get to enjoy your days as you would wish
  9. Here you go @fastbob Perfect for you
  10. Happy birthday - hope it’s a good’un
  11. Mickly

    BMW special tools

    Single sided swinging arm - I think some Ducati’s have bigger
  12. Having had a couple of top ups at the weekend it seems E5 super unleaded is 10 to 12p a litre more than std E10 unleaded, so is it really a viable alternative? Do you think the fuel companies have cottened in to this ? Surely not …F*cking right rip off !!
  13. Mickly

    BMW special tools

    I raise you 46mm on my Speedtriple
  14. Mickly

    BMW special tools

    The special tools are the ‘Special Tools’ that ride them
  15. I really wouldn’t use a dash cam on bike or car!! I do experience some complete tw*ts on the road ( e.g. taxi driver in Bristol on Sunday undertaking me in the same lane ) BUT !! I’m in no way perfect & the thought that it might incriminate me puts me right off !!
  16. Apple iPhone risk from powerful motorbike vibrations https://apple.news/AGE0sUfy6S9-R-fbecS10gg
  17. Made it to the Nailsea bike show at the Ring o - bit of a trek from Cov avoiding the Motorway
  18. So it transpired that taking out the valve collets is massively easier than replacing them. Getting them out with a pick & a magnet was easy, getting them back in is not the same. The slots in the old spark plug socket needed widening & lengthening considerably & a washer welding into the end to provide stability & help it act vertically against spring without slipping. Here it is loosely bolted in to stop it dropping out but still allowing some wriggle room. Also note the piece of tube over the handle as there’s not much mechanical advantage, especially when it goes over centre. The collets we’re added by using a blob of grease on the end of a screwdriver Another tip is : While storing the collets on a magnetic tray to stop them firing off across the garage may seem a sensible idea - it also means they themselves become magnetic & then stick to anything the come in contact with …. Except the valve stem !! Tried bloody tweezers - get it wrong and the collets will spring off to the darkest corners of your garage. Here’s it all done with buckets & shims in place. Here’s another tip - use a marker pen to show the ones you’ve done, especially if you keep getting called away to ‘other’ stuff !! That’s it for now until the piston rings turn up.
  19. Think I might go to the Nailsea bike show on Sunday .. if domestic stars align
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