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  1. bex

    TMBF cook-off

    am I the only one who read that as forum cock off
  2. Is that worse than the trend for men wearing skinny jeans? buying womens jeans cos the mens jeans are not tight enough, I dont get it!
  3. looks like this is the year the music died I am saddened about it but as already said, there are lots of people out there loosing loved ones at this time of year.
  4. can i just ask a question, this man says he was scared for his life, yet he didnt pull over and slow down, he didnt move away from the lorry at any point to avoid being hit, didnt stop, then followed the lorry? i smell a story of goading and baiting here. and that photo of the dent, i am sorry but i would be suprised if that was done through that incident, it looks more like a carpark dink. hardly major, where are the photos of the side of the car showing this 3k damage?
  5. i do hope this is a joke. my sense of humour will be restored if it is.
  6. A motorcycle lecturer will be someone like me, with a motorcycle engineering degree and a teaching degree who can teach in all aspects of motorcycles from maintenance to CAD and CFD, materials , manufacturing and many other aspects. shame they are not paying london wages. and i am already teaching.
  7. some people, who have Aspergers, will latch onto something they understand and become extremely good at it. it does tend to be something black and white, right or wrong, such as maths, science etc. i have had students with Aspergers and they are awesome in some classes and really bad in others, you have to find their passion and then let them run with it. this goes with the repetition thing that people labelled with autism do, because it helps them stay centered in a situation they are not happy, maths and counting is a good one but repetition is good for learning maths so this is why they become good at it.
  8. the only advice i can give you is go to a car park and just ride about, weave, turn, go slow, go fast, get used to doing it, even on your 125 if you have too. then start to put it all together in sequence and play, have fun, it will come to you but you can not force this.
  9. I have been using P2 road for years, so this time i have gone for P3 race. and i LOVE them. glad people are saying wear is good too, but this pair are not going to see a motorway if i can help it.
  10. i sadly went and got a job so this is first time on here in aaaages
  11. i do not know why they are not using both lanes, i do not know if the merc was intending on filtering into the right hand lane at some point. because i dont know i am not one to comment. What i can say is that i have been the person in the merc before, but it was to help someone how was helping the traffic keep moving with his van. he was keeping pace all the way to the end so that the filtering lane was steadily moving rather than people doing the mercs suposed intended trick. but when it came to getting back into line the first car that he had stopped from coming past blocked him from coming over, so i stopped to let him through. strangely enough the car blocking him then thought he would like to get around me as a punishment for stopping. WRONG! he failed and ended up about 6 cars back. At the end of the day, some people like to queue and others dont, i have a habit when turning left on the way to work of going down the right hand empty lane and all the way round the roundabout. people seem pissed off with me when i join the left lane again cos i 'pushed in' but no, i just used my brain cell. not my fault i understand how a roundabout works
  12. have you thought that they were staying calm cos if cops ask for their video evidence they are in trouble too? tbh appalling riding in such an area but it was pretty nasty hit from that truck that didnt need to happen. have to say i giggled at the guy walking over "he ran a red light" hahaha no shit sherlock. i also thought the video was the biker running the red light at first.
  13. On a chinese bike. can not do that many manouvres at once on a Chinese bike, it'll break down.
  14. Yes I know lots of cats who love drinking from a slow running tap. Phoebe will run up the stairs in front of you if there is even a hint that your heading to the bathroom.
  15. Your in law probably never had them fitted properly. Plus years ago cardinals were horrible. Lenses are getting better now. I have just had to have new goggles, had to have a prism put in a lense now , as if they were not expensive enough, not far off £450 this time round but I never scrimp on my eyes, I have been wearing them over 30 years now and can not live without. Welcome to the goggle brigade
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