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  1. Mesh jackets and Kevlar jeans is my summer set up. There's lots of mesh jackets out there with A or AA safety rating. Same for jeans. I've got a Merlin mesh jacket and bull-it jeans. I've got Merlin boots with outlast which is doing my a surprisingly good job of not having sweaty feet. There's lots of options to suit your riding style and budget so there's no excuse for not wearing proper kit. Scooter riders seem to be oblivious to this which is a huge rant I could go on
  2. In London you are not allowed to park on the footpath. In Lambeth you can park in solo bays or on the street for free if there isn't pay and display or residential parking in force. However, figuring this out in a place you are not familiar with is a pain in the arse.
  3. So I've had my first taster on something bigger than my 125. I had about 40 minutes on a Honda cb650f. The instructor seemed like a nice guy and knowledgeable. I learned a good bit in that short time. Managed to fit in a few mod 1 bits like the slalom, figure of 8 and U-turn. All which seemed easier than on my 125 which is wierd. I just need to book the training/test through them now. Get it done.
  4. This was one of the potential jackets I looked at. I ended up splashing out more than I wanted but I wanted to give a laminated jacket a try. https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/481892
  5. I've got a feeling you're going to be right about that. I just want my L plates off. And maybe a CBR
  6. Crystal palace. Heading there later this week.
  7. Ive booked in a taster session on a "big bike" with phoenix. They seem to have a good rep, worth it for a tenner.
  8. I like the look of the Merlin jacket, I'll have to have a closer look at it
  9. It's not a bad option but for a daily commute I think having something waterproof is necessary.
  10. I'm looking at getting a new jacket for my daily commute and Id like something that doesn't scream motorcycle jacket when walking around. It needs to have some protection, be waterproof and possibly a removable thermal lining. Also I'd like to keep it under £150 and well under that if possible. I like the look of the 2 I've linked below. I don't know how Frank Thomas stuff stands up to rain. The Oxford jacket is laminated which is nice but only has an A rating against the AA of the FT jacket and also has no thermal liner. https://jsaccessories.co.uk/produc
  11. I wear glasses most of the time when on my bike. I've not had this problem. My hjc helmet has grooves for glasses which may help. Bit I suspect your glasses don't fit right. Go back to Specsavers and tell them. Could it be your helmet doesn't fit right and your head is moving around in it resulting in your glasses moving?
  12. Yeah I'm expecting there to be a long waiting list. I've my CBT and theory done so I might as well get my name down somewhere.
  13. Thanks Ian I'm firmly in London now. Hadnt even thought of the location on my profile. Using someone outside London would likely be cheaper but Oxford over 2 hours drive for me. Would make for a very long day.
  14. Can anyone on here recommend a school to do the DAS test through? I was going to use Advantage Wimbledon but it looks like they are closed? There seems to be quite a few places about but it's hard to tell which are good and which bought their reviews. Any suggestions in South or southwest London? Also, how much is a reasonable fee for instructions, bike hire and the tests?
  15. Made it home. Battery will need replaced but at least I got back with it. I've never been so aware or not stalling since doing my cbt
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