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  1. Hiya u guys....i done this last weekend...so giving it a miss this time....
  2. I loved reading about you passing Mod 2 and THE ADVENTURE ROUND THE COUNTRY RD'S ....well done. I passed on my Yamaha125 ...I upgraded to my Honda CBF250 Great little bike,so cheap to run, and easy do's 70 -75 even 80 not had it flat out.... Iv been tempted to buy as my next bike SV650 Naked ....still deciding... Welcome to the forum
  3. Mikey to a very special lad.....xx
  4. Im so glad i made the trip again.....Mikey such a special lad..looked so happy,and walking too Great to see you both ,and every one else.... Lovely day,and great people No sore butt for me...long day,detour to Mablethorpe ....great ride home with tink (176 miles) my little bike done me proud
  5. 4 so far.....anyone else ... we are meeting at 17.15 leaving 17.30
  6. my friend told me to be there at 17.30.....(webbs) not sure how many yet Yes its ride out and back.....joining others at the boston rally.... look on the boston bikers webb site ?
  7. Is any local's doing this run.....leaving " webbs in Eye" Peterborough 17.30
  8. Well done...on passing, maybe meet on one of the ride outs...
  9. Hello everyone, it's been along time since i was last on this site and i was on the verge of giving my bike up late last yr..... But im back still got my bike...just been to the local BMF...weather so nice to venture out on the bike..
  10. At long last got out on my bike today....very nearly gave the bike up.. Wow what a feeling to get out ,even though short ride
  11. Happy birthday Susieque.... Hope you have had a lovely day
  12. Another yr older,still feel the same....Iv had lots of pressies and cards
  13. Well its now time to sort myself out...over the worst...(had a death in the family) Not been out on my bike over 3 weeks now...started it up last sunday...took awhile to get started... it was a lovely day,but just could'nt get out for ride. Hope everyone as been ok,and making the most of the nice weather...
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