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  1. 1100 learner miles since October, on my scooter.
  2. We had snow in Huddersfield I go home from college and the main roads seemed to be clear, so I went for a ride. I thought I'd call for my friend who also has a 50cc, turns out he wasn't in Well, I was riding around the block where he live, (very slippy roads here!) and the bike just slipped from under me and I just fell off! Luckily I was going slow
  3. I triumph speed triple! ..Keeps dreaming.
  4. COD is a game, not a fish It is amazing online! although the campaign was too short. Add me on Ps3 : bennyn14
  5. I have a Weise Knox jacket and it keeps me dry Brilliant.
  6. Galaxy then I prefer Radio 1 myself. I'm listening to NCIS on T.V.
  7. Get yourself a Weise Knox textile jacket. So warm and dry!
  8. Jamie T - Sticks 'n' Stones
  9. You got a good hifi ? Nah, just some old computer speakers, but there LOUD! Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the Devil (again)
  10. What? They want us to start smoking weed and taking LSD instead of smoking and drinking?
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