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  1. Oh yea been on a goodlittle ride even though the weather is pretty grim and I can't describe the sense of freedom is something else, why haven't I done this before I'll never know
  2. Ah that's the thing I am out of the country for those 3 months, I could get some one I trust to ride it for me I suppose but I have limited options. Any volunteers?
  3. Okay thanks, yea probably looking for some armour as this will probably be my main jacket so want the right protection.
  4. Thanks, I am gonna do just that, gives me an excuse to take the bike I'm getting Saturday on a little ride..
  5. Any advice on leather gear I am looking to buy a good quality jacket and trouser combo, not too bothered about price even if it's quite expensive but I don't wanna pay for just a brand name, I would like something thats gonna last and be a good protective set of gear.
  6. I took my mod 2 test last monday. It was semi eventful. Test was 1020 am so had a warm up test route before the test, unfortunately the other student was on his first day of riding a big bike and was a little slow getting up to speed and didn't like to go past 50 on dual carriageways so we only just made it to the test centre on time, no time to have a panic wee or relax straight into the docs check and then out to start the show me tell me stuff. Got operate horn and refill oil and a pillion question so easy enough, then on the registration plate reading I had to do it through a fence so as I moved my head to look I bonked my helmet off the examiner. Luckily he has a his helmet on too and laughed it off that I had just "headbutted" him. So little bit more nervous. Head out of the test centre and up to the first set of lights and first roundabout. Nerves get to me and I go the wrong way on the roundabout, so all the way around on the next one and back on track, extra pressure on myself but at least I was safe. Little nervous so riding wasn't optimal felt much smoother on mock tests or maybe I was over thinking it. Pull over a few times seemed fine, the one behind a parked car was a tad tight but managed it. Overtook a slow truck on the dual carriage way with just enough time to make the next junction then I rode about a mile guessing the speed due to the sun Blaring down at the most awkward angle directly onto the speedo, tried to listen to the engine but it's not easy. Get some respite as I round the corner but miss the inital 40 sign so sit at 30 for a bit until the repeater sign where a sudden burst of speed brings me back up to the right speed. Few times I overrevved and sounded like a Vauxhall nova 1.3 Sri in a Lidl car park circa 1999 but was smooth enough with the clutch I guess and then all of a sudden we were back in the test centre. Of all my rides it felt the worst and I was waiting for the worst, he didn't make me suffer too long and congratulated me on passing with 1 minor fault. Chuffed.
  7. Haha I will post pics on sat,but i will refrain from getting my mug in the shots as much as I can.
  8. Some of that seemed helpful, I haven't actually got the bike yet but picking it up sat, it's a fazer. I am pretty excited so please don't tell me I have bought the wrong bike too much my heart can't take it.
  9. I am going to be leaving my bike for approx 3 months without it being ridden, any advice would be gratefully received. It is going to be under cover away from the elements but what else do people advise I do? Disconnect the battery? Thanks
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