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    See ya

    Never give-up, follow the rainbow
  2. Soon all sports and competitions involving internal combustion engines will become rude and barbaric behaviour. Historians will talk about them as today they are talking about gladiators in Ancient Rome. If 20 years ago someone told me that skateboarding and bmx will become Olympic sports I wouldn’t believe.
  3. Nice bike, I had Z750R mat black many years ago. Great machine
  4. Marino

    A Fine Line

    2 or 3 times was along side jahre wen she become storage with 300 000 vlcc, we were so small compare to her
  5. Marino

    A Fine Line

    Jahre Viking (seawise giant)class
  6. Marino

    A Fine Line

    Human degeneration in progress, we reached our max and we are going downhill. That’s why we need smart phones, and all other gadgets in order to live our worthless life’s, unfortunately
  7. My blood boiling just to hear that, bloody bast*rds, hope long lasting and painful sickness will be their reward.
  8. Marino


    First time I did something so stupid I was angry with myself I couldn’t sleep, it was my first brand new bike. Just few days after I got it I forgot side stand, fortunately wall was near by.
  9. Marino


    I did with every new bike, not necessarily dropping, but at least leaning against the wall or garage door frame….. My both mirrors are scratched, don’t even count that.
  10. Marino


    Christened if that’s all u are lucky
  11. Now who can say that MV doesn’t have multistrada,
  12. Wow, Hyper, u going to enjoy it
  13. That’s it, I did it as my wife didn’t go for mot ( car was new) so after 3 years she was fully unaware, as well as road tax. Just luckily no cops realised. Mot was over 2 monts and road tax 3 Now email remainder over gov site is on as well for motorcycle
  14. Stelvio is best in June first half or early September, of course weather is the gamble.
  15. No problem to change religion everything for virgins 🏍
  16. That’s Stelvio, it’s not usual but it happens. Must say I never experienced so much snow there in the summer but few flakes every few years.
  17. It must be great motorcycling destination, but it must be carefully planned. Not only to focus to Nordkapp, but all fjords. Two years ago I did not by road but cruise ship from Bergen to Nordkapp and back. If you are lucky to have good weather it’s majestic. Sometimes you can have snow in August
  18. Marino


    When ever is possible protective gear, but on my last visit this June to Croatia I just abandoned all experience and reasoning. It was 35, 36 from 9 in the morning so I did ride in crocks, shorts etc, helmet only as it’s mandatory. If wasn’t I wouldn’t wear it. Talking about city rides and to the beach. For open road motorcycle jeans, mesh jacket and gloves, mesh motorcycle half boots, open face helmet. Anything else wouldn’t be possible.
  19. Not sure how much it helps, when I went to race track, they had 120 octane fuel, one of them told me no need as I will have to set compression ratio and some other stuff in order to have any effect. I’m not an expert but have a sense, for my bike it says minimum 88 octane, doesn’t say about max.
  20. I did not notice any difference between 95 and 100 octane. In Croatia they have at almost every petrol station 100 octane and bike went same way as on 95, and consumption was slightly different, 0.2, 0.3litres per 100 km.
  21. Honestly not, I didn’t count autobahn as I went well over normal speeds, but even there on average speed of 180km/h I had 6.5litres/100km On 130km/h it was 5.4 to 5.5, as soon I topped up in uk, just by the tunnel crossing it went to 4.8, average speed 75miles. all across the Eu it was e10 petrol. I couldn’t go under 5.4l/100km i don’t think that onboard computer was drunk in Eu,
  22. Not sure why but when in Eu used e10 and consumption went to 5.5 l average on hundred km while in uk was 4.8. when going on ship I will continue to drain the tank and leave it open, it’s another reason to spend day riding and another afternoon draining in garage
  23. Wheel and back of the bike is already dirty, so just keep riding until chain is dry.
  24. Will get few hundred litres and use it only on public holidays
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