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  1. davidc

    Sinnis matrix 3i

    Thanks i was thinking same it's next on list when its running its fine just starting has become a right pain
  2. So about a week ago i ran out of fuel had to push the bike not far half a mile if that to petrol station filled up ran fine but engine management light came on? Next taken the bike for a service fixed the light next day came back stayrd there for a couple of days then was gone. Next battery died cold weather so taken out put on charge. Engine management light came back since then its taken age's to start so today got new battery charged it up put it on again age's to start. Just lost for what it could be thats making this happen my first thought was is the fuel fillter blocked? Any one with any ideas Ps am new and workong with a new phone as you might tell lol
  3. Got this moped last week Bloody loving it so far no way near as fast as my old sym jet 4 but yet every ride it feels faster. Strange thing is ment to do 65 mph at 8k revs But as of yet not been to 8k revs max speed so far is only 51 been told give it to 500miles. Found no real manual about parts and first thing to change will be rollers and exhaust Any idea on what I should change to ?
  4. Have you checked on YouTube. Long shot but might be some info tho ?
  5. davidc

    Sym Jet4 125cc

    Ok thanks you two just strange goes no were at all it's connected to just below the petrol tank but not connected to it lol. Starting to hate her now tried takening oil drain plug out but ended up rounding the nut just about she's done over 40k km lol last service says 23k lol . Getting booked in for some one to take a look at her so many little things need sorting . Even mot it's got seems a bit strange as the seat catch don't work as ppl saying that's a straight fail Breaks seem a bit weak as well
  6. davidc

    Sym Jet4 125cc

    Ok thanks the part that connected is right at top but don't seem to be connected to anything else lol
  7. davidc

    Sym Jet4 125cc

    found a hose just dangling one end seems to be connected to something but then don't seem to go anywhere other end was just dangling inside does have a connector on it but not connected to anything ?
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