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  1. It does though......I have cut down on the drinking alot I was drinking every night so have now just drink on a Friday and Saturday it was costing us a fortune
  2. It's going well thanks mate, we have her in a decent routine that suits her so it's pretty plain sailing apart from her occasional being fussy with her bottle but all in all a happy little girl
  3. Yeah I guess, oh you know just been about and lurking. Haven't really had much to post myself so I havent
  4. I pretty much just drink famous grouse that's all I have
  5. For me its instinctive I always give the indicator button the double push everytime I use them just to make sure and for me it's got to be right after I have either made a manoeuvre or a turn so I dont leave them on
  6. Must be kept in the fridge so it's nice n crackly
  7. What can I say old habits die hard
  8. And you can do things like this with it
  9. Do hives turn aggressive alot then
  10. We have a Bill's account and our own spending accounts though she still tries to say I can or can't buy something which grates abit
  11. My days an a dispatch rider is the reason I filter and overtake at any opportunity I feel is safe to do so
  12. Definitely a mutation but of what is still unknown
  13. Bloody lightweight I'm best part of 17st
  14. Sounds like bliss, I'm surprised pc plank let you go though that's very unlike them
  15. I am an advocate of filtering A) it annoys most cagers as they are just jealous that you dont have to sit in stationary traffic and they do and B) it's a good tool to build confidence in your own skills whether it be observation or position skills. Though I do remember from being a dispatch rider taking off a fair few car mirrors where the car would move over to block the bike when said bike was filtering past
  16. Well guessing bozo must just think that if he says something that its better than saying nothing......
  17. I'm tempted to see about getting a test ride for shits n giggles just because
  18. how the hell on gods green earth is that even remotely acceptable for kids to watch......by looks of it it's just very mild pornography.......but not any that you would actually want to watch
  19. In this day and age you would have thought it more acceptable than maybe 25 years ago so agreed shame on him
  20. What is so bad about your relationship making it not valid and that it never will be?
  21. And to think I missed it
  22. So wheres the elephant that's not been in the room for a while? Has @XTreme succumbed to the spanish on one of his bouts of rugged individualism or is it the south African variant that's got him
  23. Well welcome to yet another national lockdown.....
  24. No piss taking here we all want to help and see you get her back on the road
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