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  1. I got the inflatable goat for a great price. A few mucky marks round the back, but should clean up ok.
  2. Or his dog by the sounds of it…
  3. The Versys 1K has a lean angle of 45° before the hero blob touches the deck. A sportsbike has more than that so I wouldn’t say that’s the case. I have about 3mm of unused tyre on my Versys 1K and I’ve not touch the tarmac yet with mine.
  4. I guess it was dangerous back then? Sleeping bag for a suit and gaffer tape for knee sliders!!!
  5. I've always zipped in the middle. Not for draft proofing but for safety. I don’t want the jacket riding up. Or heaven forbid the trouser sliding down
  6. ….to foggy glasses?? I’ve just come across this product online (It was actually a bloody advertisement on FB) so I went online and searched for it rather than via FB. Now it’s supposed to cure foggy glasses while wearing a face mask so should work while wearing a lid. luckily I don’t need glasses anymore but thought this would help the guys and girls that do https://foggywipe.com/products/foggywipe
  7. Cheers guys. nipped out on the bike for a couple of hours and then went to watch No Time to Die
  8. It depends what level of GAP insurance you have. Would it not be better to contact your GAP insurance and get the info from the horses mouth? They will be able to sort it all out for you.
  9. WhatsApp is owned by FB Signal is a better and safer alternative to WhatsApp. I’ve been using Signal for ages now.
  10. They did in our house!! “I elect you to do the washing up or I’ll show your new girlfriend your baby pics”
  11. in the dark days before the internet it was called a photo album.
  12. I have one on my bike. It said plug and play but it wasn’t. The fuse wasn’t big enough on the original wires and it blew the fuse the first time I tested it after installation. I bought a loom from eBay with a 30 amp fuse that runs off the battery and plugs to the original wires. All sorted now.
  13. Good to catch up. It’s been a few years Lovely bike you’ve got yourself.
  14. Try Principal Insurance & Tesco I’ve used both of these in the past. I’ve never claimed so don’t know if they are decent when it counts.
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