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  1. It was my first bike. A GS500E. I bought it off a mate just before I did my DAS as I thought it would do me for a year or two while I gained experience. It lasted me two weeks! I didn't have it long enough to say what I didn't like about it apart from it was just waaay under powered and boring for my liking.
  2. I would say for us mere mortals riding on the road you don’t really need every adjustment available. Combined rebound and compression is perfect for road riding imo. I installed a Hyperpro rear shock the other day and have pretty much got it dialled in. It is a big improvement over OEM. I went for a good 4 hour ride today and that would normally have a had my arse hurting after about an hour. The new shock has smoothed out the road and the bike now feels like it’s gliding along. My arse only started to get uncomfortable 20 mins from home. The bike also feels more planted in the bends and follows a line better. I’m really happy with the result. I’ve also had the front springs changed and feel the bike handles much much better now. I wish I pulled the pin before now instead of just trying to ride round the issue of mediocre OEM suspension. If you’ve decided on Nitron then I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Same as if you chose another brand.
  3. This is one of my favourite pics and it just so happens to be in a lay-by. I had passed my test 5 months before this was taken. As it was new to me I would ride almost all year round at the time. It was bloody cold that day, but hey, I got a great photo.
  4. Glad you got it sorted. Have you had a chance to get out and test?
  5. Yep. I’ll have a dig around the settings EDIT: I can’t see anything that would stop it from loading up. There is no data saving setting in Safari. I do have pop ups blocked and wondered if it was that, but pic still never opened up when I turned the setting off. No biggy. It’s just bugging me.
  6. It’s Safari I noticed it the other week, but thought it was a glitch Unlimited data so that’s not turned off. It works on my PC when I click the pic so I can enlarge it, but I get this only loading up a small amount of the pic on my phone
  7. I don’t know. They are other peoples pics
  8. When I’m on my phone the photos that are posted up are not loading as in the pics below. Only a tiny portion is visible.
  9. Finally got my new rear shock on. It came a month ago. I thought I could get away without the remote preload. You know where that got me? I had to send it back and get the remote added. They said the lead time would be 8 weeks! I bit the bullet but it came back in 4. Result. Just got back from testing and it’s much better with the base settings than the OEM. I’ll do a bit of tweaking to see if can get it any better over the next few rides but need to get round to my mates and get the sag set up correctly. I’ve done a guesstimate and don’t think I’m too far off.
  10. I read your post. That’s why I gave you the links only relating to fluid. You need to find out what fluid the guys that did the work put in. My guess is the viscosity is different from the OEM oil that Honda originally put in. Refer to the blend chart I put up as an example. This is the logical explanation if you have put the original springs back. Or like has been said there is too much fluid in.
  11. This gives you an idea of what MBF said https://www.scribd.com/doc/80846501/Motul-Forkoil-Expert-Blend-Chart A comprehensive article about fluid. http://www.peterverdone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Suspension_Fluid
  12. Didn’t know you’d been under the knife. Glad to hear you’re on the mend.
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