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  1. Those situations are bad enough, but can be even worse for bikers. I would never put myself in front of someone and force them to use their brakes intentionally because if it goes wrong then I’m the one that’s gonna come off the worst. In my opinion you rode like twat and that gives us a bad name. I’m no angel on my bike but it’s not worth getting into it with other drivers.
  2. The only reason I have them in/on both car and bike is to act as a ‘witness’ should I need them. As nearly happened in the clip. They are definitely a double edged sword though.
  3. It’s not the training and test that’s at fault. Although I think it has been made easier. The problem the way I see it is that the roads reflect society. The majority of drivers seem to think they can do whatever they please and f**k everyone else. This happened to me the other Sunday while driving the car home from work. I actually didn’t spot his signal (until I watched the clip back) and only just avoided the twat. He actually threw his arms as to say why did I get in his way!!! https://1drv.ms/v/s!Aqf48JMl8f2Lv1c8rwi5howO1pO9?e=f65nBH I’m not sending it off but am building up a nice collection of f**kwit clips
  4. Glad you’re OK. Hopefully he’ll think twice before ‘Doing what everyone else does’ in future. By the way, I’d have done exactly what you did immediately after.
  5. Yeah but you’re getting two bikes in one.
  6. Ready made race C90. Made as light as possible https://tinyurl.com/2czdtydd
  7. Get some of these to give yourself a bit of confidence. https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/73914 Go via the forum and it will get a kickback. Or get a topbox will pillion cushion. Or tell him off if he accelerates too fast!
  8. I wouldn’t have thought this style of bike would be suitable for the MOD1. Bigger turning circle, not great for doing the slalom & emergency swerve.
  9. Have you tried taking the slack out of the throttle? I don’t seem to experience the on/off too much having done the above. I hate slack in the throttle and have taken it out of every bike I’ve owned. Another way to ride round the issue is to use the clutch to smooth it out.
  10. I have recently put an Innov K3 on my bike. It’s a dedicated front & rear system which is wired to a switched live so it’s a fit & forget. The quality is not as good as an action camera, but I didn’t get it for sharing clips. Have a look on Amazon or eBay. There are a good few on there at varying price ranges.
  11. In my opinion it’s not too much. it will only go as fast as you make it go. The difference between a 600 and a 1000 is not massive. Especially for the bike that you’ve mentioned. It’ll have more torque and and be less buzzy than 600 and in that respect can be a better ride. I say go for it.
  12. As long as you’re insured for the bike then I don’t see a problem. Someone else may know more than me though.
  13. Been there a few times. The food is good and it’s very reasonably priced. They do lovely home made cakes! She has a cafe at Hemswell and a few years back she moved into the building that Tran Am own in Faldingworth. It’s an old petrol station (just like the place you’ve linked to) The Faldingworth place was fantastic until the guy that owns Tran Am, to cut a long story short made things very difficult for her until she’d had enough. Basically the guy was jealous of the rapid success she had. It was all through FB that word spread. It was funny when he started the cafe up pretty much straight after she left and everyone boycotted the place, again, the power of social media. It didn’t take long to close.
  14. I agree. I only buy a cup of tea and the occasional snickers. Everything is overpriced. You also have to ask them to put butter on the buns before you order or you’ll just get a dry one!! Oh, and the toilets stink! I’m talking myself out of this one….
  15. The Ultimate lay-by
  16. Can you not leave a bit of space at the front of the garage? A 125 won’t take up a lot of space if you put it in widthways. You will be able to spin the bike on side stand to help you get it into position.
  17. Google also tracks every place you’ve been unless you turn it all off.
  18. If you can, try and fit in Sally Gap which is south of Dublin situated in the Wicklow Mountains. I worked over there fitting Sky Digital back in 1999/2000. It’s bloody stunning!! Don’t let the title put you off https://www.dangerousroads.org/europe/ireland/1256-sally-gap-ireland.html
  19. Classic Jack Miller interview https://www.crash.net/motogp/news/984790/1/aleix-sorry-maverick-you-have-think-twice-and-breathe?fbclid=IwAR2lWiT0R2HrtZMODKs94V4BXo9UXmOwiGpxmZjYOmO6yHTQOxDXK_6U9uY
  20. I was thinking the same. Surely this is counter productive to the whole speed camera cash cow agenda?
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