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  1. No sir I just didn't stick to the community commitment but I hope my reply will make up for it!
  2. Better late than never! Oh well. At least I have something for you guys. Here is how I fixed this issue. The actual cause of this was that the housing of the speedo gear unit (reference no.7 on provided image) that goes around the spindle has completely chemically binded onto the spindle it self. I have tried a dozen chemicals, hard blows with a hammer and even a blow torch nothing would relent the bite it held. I resulted to the extreme, power tools. I used an angle grinder to cut the spindle into pieces. I had to completely ruin the spindle and the speedo unit and order a new one. This took me weeks to fix and it was bizzare. When apart, it appeared that the spindle was welded onto the housing of the speedo gears! I recently ran into a similar problem in the drum brake also. However that was an easy fix.
  3. That is just the "tightener" bolt that squeezes the fork onto the spindle after its screwed in. Sadly yes I have removed it. The underlying issue is the corroded Speedo Gear, and my inability to exert enough force to break it from the axle. I've got some buddies coming with me on Sunday so that we can hold the weight of the forks and the motorbike itself in place. For me the issue was doing this alone so far.
  4. [mention]Justarn[/mention] That's right. All I need to do is replace my front wheel bearings to pass my MOT. My bike has failed about 7 items for MOT, the rest of them have been fixed by yours truly. I've had several issues, some of them I created but they have ALL been resolved. The riding season is here!
  5. Thank you for your input guys. I am going to be away from my bike for the next couple of days, when I get back I will continue working on this. If I fix this myself, I'll let you know how I managed it. I've not seen this issue on the internet yet, so I want to share with the community. Wish me luck
  6. I have no success so far, however: @megawatt I can confirm that hitting the spindle / axle directly outwards does indeed slowly bend the forks out of place. Do not use major force in this manner. @fastbob I am currently attempting to do just that using some light oil. Hopefully a bazillion of these attempts will break the corrosion. Wish me luck.
  7. Ok thanks for that. I thought about the fork legs as well. I'm trying to make sure I get the right balance between brain and brawn.
  8. I'm in a similar situation, looking to get my 125 Marauder running in the next week. Currently in Runcorn.
  9. Hi All. I am attempting to service my GZ125, part of this is changing the front wheel bearings. First of all, I have provided above a parts diagram for the front wheel assembly, so that my explanations are clearer. (img reference 4)[/color] from its thread in the fork, and the axle it self is loose. However, as I turned the axle, I noticed that the Speedo Gear (img reference 7) turned with the axle. This forced me to disconnect the speedo cable from the gear unit. It is my understanding that the speedo gear should be loose around the axle just like the wheel is, however it appears that the gear unit has corroded onto the axle. So far I have tapped the axle with a hammer and applied some WD40 + Unleaded Petrol to try and loosen the corrosion. Finally below, I also provided a video that shows the motion of the axle. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Your advice is welcome. I just hope my mechanical facade doesn't damage anything. P.S. The front wheel is suspended in the air. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxI71uF9bMQ Thanks All
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