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  1. I have non waterproof (showerproof I guess) textile 2 piece so I use this most days. Shirt and trousers underneath for work so just take it off and put my shoes on at work. Then if the rains heavy or more than a light shower I keep my over suit on the bike, I have a Richa Typhoon. Only £40 so much cheaper than a new goretex proper suit and it's really good quality, takes only an extra 2 mins to put on over my suit and keeps me bone dry. I commute 10 miles each way and haven't been hot once and I'm usually a hot person.
  2. Well I'm struggling to find a decent rack for a top box for my Z and I'm wary of a soft tail pack as I can't leave it on the bike or lock it so easily. Any suggestions? It's a 1997 model.
  3. that's his back up commuter if the other one breaks down
  4. Hi guys, After owning an '03 Aprilia two stroke RS125 as my first bike, a '01 Bandit 600 after and then an '05 ZX-6R 636 I had a break from bikes regrettably and then last year I was given the go ahead to buy a new bike to use on weekends and found this bike, 1997 GPZ1100 (ZX1100e), not many miles and in great nick so I had to have it, even had twin Viper cans which sound brilliant. Then in October it was dropped thanks to my step son so over the winter I replaced the clutch lever and indicator, resprayed the fairings, repaired and retextured the mirrors and here she is! So much torque and pulls like a train at any revs in any gear. Not as manic as the Ninja but much more usable and I will now be commuting on it all year round due to a change of job. Cheers, Matt
  5. Here's my recently repainted '97 GPZ1100
  6. I've just joined the forum after reading for a while....I'm not around this weekend but up for it another time. Just got my '97 GPZ1100 back on the road - I'm based in Downend. Matt
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