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  1. Hope you don’t get a ticket … since reading this I googled speed camera types. Never realised there were so many different types. I was particularly surprised by a camera referred to as DS2. Just a strip across the road and a short grey pole at either side. I’ve definitely seen these before. But had naively thought they just monitored traffic flow. Not the case! Must be more observant in future!
  2. I was at mums house recently with my bike. And tinkering with the bike. My mums friend comes over. Now my mum is 88 and Eileen is similar age. She starts telling me how before she met her husband she had a boyfriend with a Triumph. And they used to bomb around everywhere in a group. No helmets. I’m sure she said she used to ride side saddle! She looked so thoughtful when she said this. … it was interesting, poignant. And sad. All at the same time … and no I didn’t offer her a lift on the bike!
  3. There is a thread here from someone with similar problem. And they fixed it. Injectors needed cleaning https://www.125ccsportsbikes.com/threads/bike-wont-rev-over-7-8000-rpm.79966/
  4. The issue about the bikes being set to run lean is definitely correct. I’m on a Facebook group for the Z650 and some folks do complain of a snatchy throttle. And some sort it with a booster plug to make it run richer … however I don’t think it’s quite as straightforward as that. There are probably an equal number of posts from people that don’t find the throttle snatchy. And I don’t. As I’ve said in this thread. I have no idea if any two bikes are actually different. Or if this difference is down to riding style? … the only time my Z650 has felt snatchy the chain needed adjusting. So I would be checking that. And I would also check and reduce any free play with the throttle cable.
  5. This doesn’t sound right to me at all. Actually I went out on my bike this afternoon and I thought about this post. And honestly my throttle doesn’t feel snatchy at all
  6. I’m assuming this is a modern Z650? … if so then I also have a 2019 model. Does your bike have the genuine exhaust or an aftermarket system? I’m asking because I’ve noticed that folks complaining on Facebook of snatchy throttle also often seem to have aftermarket exhausts. I don’t find the throttle snatchy on my bike. But the chain does need to be adjusted and lubricated correctly. The bikes do seem to be set to run lean. My exhaust headers now have a blue tinge. Which I don’t think is right. But they all seem to be like that.
  7. I wonder how this would affect Allen Millyard and his wonderful creations?
  8. Did you manage to repair the screen? … I would imagine that the petrol has only damaged the surface.
  9. I can’t honestly say I’ve noticed any difference with how my bike runs. Or the car. However the exhaust down pipes had a slight blue tinge. And that is becoming more noticeable. Might have nothing to do with E10 at al. But I’m thinking that the bike might be running even more lean. And they seem to be set up lean anyway to get through emissions regulations.
  10. Your description of what your Dad says reminds me of when I was 16 and about to get my first motorbike … so the night before I got it my Dad sat me down for a serious talk and told me how powerful the bike would be. Just the slightest touch of the throttle would make it accelerate so fast that I would have to be careful not to get thrown off backwards … it actually all sounded so exciting that I couldn’t sleep and it was a terrific disappointment actually when I got on this rather tired secondhand FS1e moped to find that was never going to happen! … I’m 60 years old now. And as I recently told my sister. I’ve only just started to ride a bike where that warning could possibly have any relevance. And it’s still hardly likely … my sister thought that very funny!
  11. I don’t think you can ride that bike until you are 19 and pass the relevant test. But if you get some practice on a 125 first then I think it would be perfect step up. This link gives some info on licensing https://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/news-and-views/features/bikes/new-licencing-laws-explained
  12. Yeah. I’m agreeing with folks. It’s probably nonsense
  13. Yeah Manxie49. My thoughts exactly. But almost three years in I’m thinking I know where he was coming from
  14. Yeah Kiwibob … I think might have been instruction to accelerate away. I agree with your comment yeah I agree with your comment about indicating but I am understanding what the instructor was saying. And I am indicating less
  15. I was particularly interested in views on the two bits of advice from instructor which I’m leaning toward these days. These are: accelerate up to 80 plus and get away from cars on motorway. don’t signal unless necessary
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