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  1. It's interesting to see the differences between states in the USA ... https://www.valuepenguin.com/motorcycle-helmet-laws
  2. Something reassuring about doing an oil filter and oil change ...
  3. Quite enjoyable servicing your own bike. Good chance to get to know your bike and it's workings. Some of the points on your list will be covered in your MOT visit as well. Take the opportunity to go over all the nuts and bolts. People who don't feel proficient in carrying out a service that's absolutely fine. And some prefer to get a stamp for initial servicing for warranty reasons.
  4. Harry

    MOT news.

    Sorry Stu, I've edited the subject to just MOT now and not tax and mot as originally put.
  5. Harry

    MOT news.

  6. irresponsible on the parents part ... a hot engine and exhaust !!! Seen some nasty skin burns from contact with a hot exhaust. Not pleasant!
  7. Hopefully whoever changed the tyres advised him about the importance of taking it easy on new tyres. I do a bit of work at a bike shop and before anyone rides off with a new tyre it is always stressed to take it easy. It used be generally accepted to take care over the first 100 miles or so. I get the odd "why?" so I just explain that not sure about modern tyres but manufacturers used to use a releasing agent to get tyres out of their moulds. And even if that isn't the case now there are other chemicals e.t.c. used in the tyre making process that leave a gloss on new tyres that needs to be 'sc
  8. Having been biking since the 70's I've had lots of aches and pains associated with lots of different bikes. I could have aching lower back with one bike, aching upper back with another. One bike feels like an armchair the next a deckchair! With every bike there is a certain amount of give and take and adaption needed. I guess I'm saying a bike has to be adapted to you and you have to adapt to the bike over time. A bike could be made for the Japanese market with Japanese bikers in mind. Or the European American market. I've used an airhawk to good effect on one bike and found it useless on othe
  9. Yes got it sorted. Another problem while sorting it was a screw snapping on the case cover! Tried absolutely everything but ended up drilling out and re-threading. Thinking about it now the sump bolt had been cross threaded too and that needed re-threading as well! Have a look at this link. https://www.ludd.ltu.se/~joshua/xf650/xf650.html
  10. Had one for a while a few years back. Looks are an acquired taste. I have seen a couple customised to look more naked. I couldn't fault the comfort and performance though. It is a single cylinder so has the characteristics of a typical 'thumper'. Easy to service and look after. One thing to look out for is a neutral light that doesn't work. Mine didn't ... must have just happened said the seller so must be a bulb. Well no it wasn't the bulb and was a finnicky job to sort out. Neutral switch pin and springs popped out and ended up in the sump and a couple of other places! I managed to account f
  11. Good advise above ... recheck what you've done, which I'm guessing you have done by now ... did you replace the spark plugs? always worth rechecking the plugs are the correct ones and gapped correctly ... let us know what you discover.
  12. In my experience it's rare to jump on to another bike I'm not used to and feel at home straight away ... bikes can be similar weights and feel totally different mainly due to how that weight is distributed ... the style of bike and its weight distribution will also determine what muscles you use ... getting onto another bike and starting to get pains you didn't have before is usually down to putting weight on and using body parts you didn't use on the last bike ... the body and the mindset need time to adapt to a different bike ... so a simple thing like a U turn in a car park can feel alien t
  13. Yeh time to be extra vigilant. Lovely summer country roads around here become a right challenge this time of year and when they are wet. As the above ... fallen leaves, tractor shite, horse shite, manhole covers, white lines, even road kill, all becomes extra shitty when wet! The 'slipperiest' (I had to look twice when spellcheck gave me that!) at the moment around here is the middle of narrow newly tarmacked roads/lanes. Car wheels flatten where their wheels make contact and all the loose shite and stones gather in the middle. That's really tricky when cornering!
  14. Harry

    Back pain

    'just getting old'! ... that's exactly what my doctor told me! I've been a couple of times to see my doctor and after checking me over he tells me it's old age! Says a bit of physio might help. After a couple of months waiting for a physio appointment I've been had a couple of sessions now and things are quite a bit better. It's about strengthening up the torso and surrounding muscles to help take the strain so I don't rely too much on my 'old' back. I still get back ache now and again so I take a pain killer. As many stops as it takes to stay comfortable when I'm out on a bike run.
  15. Honestly I've seen some increasingly outrageous driving on the roads. You see it almost every friggin day! I'm always saying to my other half after witnessing some shit driving either they are oblivious to other road users around them and can't help it ... or they are complete dicks that don't give a damn! Biking has always been a hazardous pastime but now more than ever we need to be vigilant. More cars and traffic on our roads ... In your case thank goodness you weren't seriously hurt. Just stay alert and continue to enjoy your riding and thanks for sharing.
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