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    Bikes,narrowboats,airbrush art,wildlife photography,cycling

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  1. Wow....wasn'tit quick enough.......how fast is it with the supercharger?
  2. Thanks for the comments guys........i'm humbled.Never really thought about doing this as a business,i'm a bit worried that if i do that i may lose the passion i have for it as a hobby.It would be nice to sell some as a means to keep me in paint though.
  3. Hi guys,this is my latest project,based on a ww2 poster
  4. Hope you keep enjoying the bike...i have a ybr for commuting which is a lovely little bike also.You will struggle to get 100 mpg for the simple fact you will be enjoying yourself too much to want to ride like miss Daisy's chauffeur.......amazing how big a smile a 125 can put on your face.
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