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  1. Thanks all…..pleasant day- we get the day of for birthdays at work. The wife was at work, kids on a day trip which allowed a few hours in the sun on the bike.
  2. congrats on the pass….I found Uxbridge a great test centre- all the examiners were a decent laugh. with your Mod 2 at Uxbridge watch the traffic lights at the Post Office right at the beginning, loads of people have failed that as they change quickly and you either get stuck in the box junction or get caught in two minds to go through and end up in no mans land.
  3. if it’s for a greener planet argument, isn’t there some kind of juxtaposition of heavily polluting mining equipment to get the materials used to make the batteries, the car building process and infrastructure development and the perceived saving of the planet? I’m not 100% on the process, but I have a vague memory of reading something on this a while ago.
  4. Thats how I explained the feeling to my wife, very odd sensation (as I haven’t had alcohol for nearly 10years).
  5. A lot of it has to do with current shipping rates (mainly due to COVID). currently Chinese ports are struggling with with staffing due to infection rates, plus extortionate rates of containers. Previously a 20ft container would be priced at 900usd, but current valuations are being set upwards of 15000usd. If you aren’t prepared to pay the fees then you get bumped off the manifest (regardless of relationship longevity between business and carriers). It is something that is having major consequences across a number of industries. I work with food retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers- they are all reporting the same thing.
  6. I said the same thing to my mate when he gave me a pair to try....couldn’t believe it, such a simple thing.
  7. I never thought of that....it was definitely quieter before the screen, which would make sense with angle of attack from the wind. I might experiment with angles of the screen. A mate of mine has the same got air 2; and is about to out a screen on his, will be interesting to see if he has the same.
  8. I found that when I put mine on.... I found sitting more upright helps. I’m recent convert to ear plugs and this helped massively with the excessive wind noise that was created.
  9. I quite like the way that looks....sorry if I missed it but have you tested it’s effectiveness yet?
  10. I wear glasses, and have not noticed that problem either....save having to get another pair have you thought about one of those elastic glasses headband things ( not sure of actual name) that sports players wear- think Edgar Davids. Logically to me it would stop them slipping
  11. Me and a mate went splits on one of those cheap vnet headsets (next to the green looking radio in the YouTube image above) think it cost £80 for a pair on Amazon. So far they have worked a treat. Great for two way comms.
  12. If you can make the journey to Northolt - West London, then give Passmasters a call. They use the Uxbridge test centre which has some great examiners who like a bit of banter.
  13. https://www.rcltransport.co.uk Have seen a lot of this guy on social media- online reviews look good too.
  14. That’s exactly what happened here...18 months later and they talking about scrapping the recycling fee.
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