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  1. I was looking for a Drift camera but the only one that seemed to be waterproof was the XL and since I live in Glasgow this was a must. Unfortunately it was out of stock everywhere I looked. I eventually found it at https://www.motolegends.com/. The display is way too small to be easy use. Drift has a mobile app where you can do all the settings alot easier.
  2. I thought I'd give it a try since I have found them on Amazon and Ebay but Out of Stock everywhere:/
  3. I'm looking for a Black Cortech Super 2.0 12 Magnetic Mount Litre Tank Bag if anyone has one laying about:D
  4. If you don't mind front pegs have a look and test sit a Kawasaki Vulcan S. There are a lot of adjustments (handlebars, pegs and seat) to fit your size and you sit upright and comfortable:D I test sat one at my local dealer and then spend a month finding one in my price range.
  5. Checking if this post is still alive:D I'm from Hillington and usually ride by myself also. Wouldn't mind meeting up for a ride about:D Rob
  6. Fitted an R&G RACING black passenger back rest:D
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