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  1. Fitted and tested new rear shock, yesterday/today was settings testing. actually not bad and wont need a tougher spring..
  2. 150nm isnt too soft is it anyway, they can get me a spring for my weight for £40. so if this one is to soft its a good option..
  3. was where my thinking was going, although they are looking at a spring suited to my weight too. it may be good enough
  4. test ride tomorrow. spent ages trying to get figures right so had a beer and chilled. I was just saying to the mrs it may not matter as long as it rides ok as its not like im getting knee down on bends etc.. I think maybe we get hung up on articles saying do this and do that when it doesnt always matter. Just want a slightly comfy ride and fun in bends (not knee down)
  5. i had to have static sag to calculate rider sag buddy. ive no idea if the spring is for my weight, just expected an upgrade to be ideal for varied weights.
  6. So, as expected it didnt go plain sailing. Fitted a YSS shick to the 650 bandit.. Even got the 1200 version as its meant to be for a heavier bike.. Wound preload really far on and still only getting rider sag to 50mm.. a good 15-20mm out.. im scared to wind it too far and actually didnt think Id have too. I hear these shocks are great, but I guess 17.5stone guys need different spring rates etc.. Baffled as ever.. Any heavy guys use these? And i dont think 17st is even heavy really. Measurements were 550mm on center stand. the 2 other measurents L2 L3 502mm no stiction which seems odd too Gave linkage a good strip and clean too.
  7. Im put hagon in my 650 and I dont remember seeing them recommend a bigger gap. They sent 7.5w oil which wasnt enough. Im sure you commented on a thread I was on about it anyway. Did you like the hydraulic oil? Ive tried 10w and now 15w all at the proper gap of 104mm the 15w doesnt feel right but as you said, different brands differ. Cornering was harder it seemed. So may go back to 10 and just take it the forks will be as they are. Using nearly all travel. preload set with 2 full bars to go.. to far and its too stiff
  8. Was me mate and it was good to put a face to a name.. cheers
  9. Bit of an update, put 15w oil in the forks, preload still wound pretty far in, still travels the same distance and doesnt seem much better at all.. i didnt like the feel in the corners. maybe im expecting too much from the Hagon springs and still need to wind them far in and just stick with 10w oil. For the Rear I have a YSS shock brand new... will fit this week so at least that will be better... well, it has to be lol
  10. You can easily just swap springs, getting oil correct harder as forks have to be compressed to test level, but do able with jacks etc.
  11. when high perfomance vehicle sales drop and taxes are missed they will scrap it.
  12. Very relevant post at the minute. All ive seen on facebook this week is crash after crash and sadly most were fatal.. Actually really scared my partner and I as we try and ride safe as it is. And as said above, you assume cos someone looking at you your safe but they still do dumb shit. We now beep a few times coming upto busy junctions, try get attention and get them off the phone etc. My partners off years ago was due to someone pulling in front of her, not fast but hurt. Mine was my own fault on diesel just not reading the road, but it was day 1 of training on cbt.
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