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  1. You should read a bit more before talking about things you have no idea what they are... https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/semi
  2. Left Sunny Fife at around 1pm and rode to St. Mary's Loch to greeted with cold, rain and strong wind. This is why I shouldn't have travelled near 2000 miles to Cornwall... Shadow behaved beautifully, with 33mpg . True to be said most of the time was 3rd and 4th gear.
  3. Using a £24 waterproof case I made a phone holder. Internal padding from 4mm waterproof undelay Closed box Phone holder with phone (cover) inside Handlebar mount. The original idea was to use a pair of U-bolts and some raisers to keep it above the fixings but then I found this handlebar mount in my magic box I know probably will have lots of glare from the polycarbonate box but cheaper than getting a £50 decent phone holder or a second mount for the zumo XT
  4. Different companies have completely different policies. When I was in London, one of the companies I worked for would have a disciplinary action if someone would ever called complaining about a driver. HR would call the complainer reporting what action was taken or explaining what was the driver's explanation. Van drivers would have to be at the office at 7am, wash the van every day, then load the van with the stuff they would need for the day ahead. At the end of the day they would return to the office and last task was to wash the van again. Anybody driving a company car would
  5. Other than mansize spare ribs and chicken bbq nothing much Still deciding between red and carlsberg
  6. Tweeter to DVLA will be your best way to communicate with them
  7. Next will plan: 1st right, 3rd left, straight for 20 miles, 2 rights, 3 lefts... Then do anything but what was planned
  8. I saw them, the problem is that when closed there is no gap between the arms of the hinge, the bolts and the rivets will be keeping it open. I must have the 10mm gap
  9. No, normal wire without gas. I quite like the silly sound it makes. The fusion in the inside is just added strength to the hinge and it will help holding the axle. When fully complete I'll have to run some torsion and strength tests but don't think it will break. The weld on the outside (back of hinge) have a good fusion on most of the link between the tube and the bar. I know it doesn't look nice or professional. I'm only interested in having it working
  10. I get emails from our procurement on a weekly basis with stupidly high increase of prices at all levels. Fuel, rebar, aggregates. You name it. Someone is taking the piss and filling their pockets
  11. Is not an issue as it is stainless steel. And not been brushed and properly clean yet. When I complete the second one I'll give it a nickel coating to prevent the welding from rusting
  12. This maybe would be better on my trailer thread, that is if I could be bothered to look for it After a total failure of the hinges in the trailer, I should have predicted that they weren't strong enough for the new purpose. With just over 1mm thickness this have shown that was far being strong enough. Searched the market without any luck in finding a suitable hinge that would fit the purpose. The requirements are that when fully closed there is a big enough gap for the fixings. So I had to design and manufacture them These are the materials
  13. Maybe you didn't read this bit... "...and would (reluctantly) accept a few adverts, once in a while,..." I'm a commercial by profession and know very well where they get their money from. However, there is a difference between covering costs plus a bit of profit and being greedy b@stards... Plus, I would be more forgiving if they would pay taxes as everybody else (honest tax payers).
  14. Now.. I'm of opinion that advertising should be 99.5% banned, that lying to make money should be a criminal offense and those doing it are just one step down from bankers. Some do like it and I can live with it, as I say, the above is my opinion and nothing more than that, live with it. Being interrupted every 3min with stupid advertising that means nothing to me is like slapping a dog that is quietly sleeping and doing nothing wrong. So I have been looking for alternatives to Youtube. I do recognise that YT can be nice, I really enjoy watching my favour
  15. Passing downwards, time ago posted about my lying bitch scale showing 99.9kg
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