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  1. I've never been so happy with my leaf
  2. Went to Sainsbury's in Kirkcaldy to fill for my trip to Duns tomorrow and there was only E5 available. No idea other places around town or Glenrothes/Dunfermline stations but my guess is that they all are the same. As long people don't start panic buying...
  3. One question you should never ask your other half. The missus was doing some jumping and frenetically waiving her arms and legs to the sound of what I can only describe as metalworks shop floor with what I suspect some consider as rhythm... After she ended that display, I was asked why I was making that face. "I can't see the purpose of that." "It keeps me fit!" "Are you sure?..." I'm glad I installed heating and wi-fi in the dog's house
  4. MY worst joke. Today I reach 88.5kg...
  5. For the sat nav I have to say. I use both waze on the phone for the shadow on short trips (under 250 miles). Th phone does the trick for that kind of use. I also have a zumo xt for the pan european, this is for long trips, +500 miles. It definitely makes a difference. Before the zumo I used the phone for continent touring and had overheating problems most of the time. Then the charge went by midday and had to keep the phone plugged all the time making it worse for heat. The zumo works perfectly for longer trips with far more features than the phone. For the intercom, I bought years ago a chinese intercom, when I say years ago was back in 2015 and is still running strong with the battery lasting well over 5hrs. Have a FM radio incorporated and connects up to 6 intercoms regardless the brand.
  6. husoi

    E10 E5 fuel

    Donno if this works or if it is indicated. https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-69352-millers-oils-eps-ethanol-protection-fuel-treatment-additive.aspx
  7. Well.... That's what you get for having an Icrap...
  8. husoi

    E10 E5 fuel

    E10 and E5 has been available for a long time (at least here in Scotland). E10 have been sold as the lowest grade petrol 93 oct while E5 is the 95 premium petrol. I've always run my bikes on 95 oct so I can't say how they would work on E10. Not sure what was available in the Continent a couple years ago when I was touring. Trying to run E10 maybe will mean adjusting carbs/injectors for a richer mix, eventually next time you need to replace fuel lines they only have E10 ready available as more ethanol means faster corrosion for the lines. I believe that products like seafoam will serve as addictive to compensate E10
  9. As @Stu says, don't mix the tyres. second, I would go for Michelin. As alternative, and with recent experience, I would go for Mitas costume force. They are also very good and cheaper than Michelin.
  10. Today's nob of the day is... drum roll....... ME!!!! scratched my eyes after cutting some chillies...
  11. As long doesn't affect my trailer I not worried
  12. Mixed feelings on this one. Had people saying that is a waste of time. Others saying that is a good thing. The motivation would be a more for a cheaper insurance rather than improving my riding. I am fully aware of my weak points and where I have to work on my skills to be better. Having someone telling me how bad I am at speeding when I have little interest in being a racer is pointless. I don't need anybody to say that I need to stick to speed limit. I always defended that experience is your best buddy and knowing where your limits are and never trying to go beyond them is the key for a safe ride. Being a natural learner (on any subject) allows me to research and adapt what I have learnt to my personal circumstances. I am to be convinced that any of these supposedly "enhancements" are worth the effort and money. As always, this is just my personal views and have nothing against those who think it is a good thing
  13. How long is a piece of string? I bought my shadow 86' with less than 15k miles My ST1300 was less than 17k and is an 08. Some guys get the bikes and ride them only once in a while.
  14. It could be that the rust is just superficial and a bit of steel wool and elbow grease will solve the problem. Depending how mechanically able you are replacing the fork seals is a cheap task that will cost around £30 including the fork oil. If rust is more extensive then you will be looking at replacing the tubes which it will be expensive. I would try to bring the price down pointing as many faults as you can find. Alternative is to find another bike in better condition. Yamaha is well known for oil leaks so that is something you want to double check. If the engine has been washed it will contradict the rusty forks and I would think is a sign that the guy is trying to hide something.
  15. Have a look here https://www.apriliapartsonline.co.uk/aprilia/c.php?i=27386 I'm sure you will be able to find it or get proper guidance on any Italian part shop.
  16. Those things are pretty much standard, have a look at https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_cat/1/#/27907,3203,1186 They would have something that will fit. If not any other parts shop should have it. Also, you will need some bike wash liquid and a sponge
  17. Just a wee chicken and some pork belly
  18. That's what you're worried about? Looking at the mrs probably she likes the seasoning...
  19. Don't forget to update us on the result. If you pass the MOT is going to be a cracking test
  20. Just finished my latest project Someone told me that the back of the shadow was a bit boring and "naked" so I decided to make something different. Took me a couple weeks, mainly because of the different materials delivery times. I'm very happy with the whole process. Done in polycarbonate sheets as they are virtually undestructible. Used a vinyl sticker as stencil and black spray paint. The lighting is with 3mm LED's connected to the tail light. It's made of a 2mm sheet where the tiger is painted and a 5mm sheet where I installed the LED's. The LED's are connected in series of 3 and a 2.7 kohm resistors. The rear of the 5mm sheet is sanded to reflect the light.
  21. You can reinforce it from inside with some duct tape to make sure it won't be flapping as @Six30 is saying. Make sure you clean it properly before the tape to get a good adhesion. I assume your MOT is due shortly, ideally you have it repaired.
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