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  1. KiwiBob

    Vets bills

    Just remember that if we didn't have the NHS you would be paying these sort of figures every time you see a doctor!
  2. Its the opposite for me .. My next door neighbour knows more about bikes than I'll ever know! He raced at the Isle of Man when he was younger and now has his own race team competing in the Pirelli National Junior Superstock!
  3. I think its your attitude that's the main problem here! Change it or you will probably fail again! .. Unless your "lucky". The examiners I've come across are all bikers themselves and actually want to pass you. All they're looking for is for you to ride safely and make progress! .. Its that simple!
  4. If you are buying it on a PCP, although its perfectly ok to do it, non dealer servicing may affect the guaranteed minimum future value (GMFV).... As always .. read the contract!
  5. Grant Shapps claims that Ron McKenzie of the RHA was responsible for the leak that fuel stocks were at 2/3 normal levels! .. McKenzie says he didn't brief anyone about a meeting which he knew nothing about! I wouldn't trust Shapps as far as I can spit! .. This piss poor excuse for a government will blame anyone it can for its incompetence!
  6. It seems to be a bit pot luck! .. I bought a bike in July and the V5c came in a week .. My lad bought a car 6 weeks ago and hasn't received the V5C yet.
  7. If you want to stop "panic" buying a better way would be for a minimum buy(for cars) of £50 .. and no cans! .. That would stop people with 3/4 full tank from topping up.
  8. Mine too! .. But there was an option of a collision damage waiver for £10
  9. It will depend on the agreement you signed at the start! .. A bit like car hire, you may be responsible for the excess or you may have a collision damage waiver! If there was no signed agreement I don't think you'll be liable for anything.
  10. No queues at my local Tesco! .. They have no fuel!
  11. You need a provisional licence, Theory test, Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests. https://www.gov.uk/motorcycle-test
  12. You can do that and it will entitle you ride a bike up to 125cc only .. If later on you wish to ride a larger bike you'll have to take the tests again on a larger bike!
  13. Just to take the test will cost £95 test fees plus £120 for bike hire and trainer to get you to and from the tests! £30 an hour training fee around Notts. How much training you will need is up to you.
  14. Too lean a mixture is more likely to make it run hot than having it too rich!
  15. If your bike is running badly after a rebuild it won't be E10 fuel that is the problem!
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