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  1. Fitted a new chain and sprockets to my tiger 955i
  2. Ordered a full sprocket and chain set today with new washer and nut. the only thing unsettling me is why it would come loose in the first place? any ideas
  3. Yeah the nut is definitely loose, I can rock it side to side with my fingers i’ll retorque it later and ensure the washer is properly bent over then go for a test ride to see if the noise disappears.
  4. Chain tension appears to be good according to the specs I found I’ve just whipped the front cover off and found the nut holding the front sprocket to be loose, only being held in place by the lock washer. there is a slight amount of play in the front sprocket but I’m putting that down to the nut being loose. would you suggest the best course now is to fit a new washer and retorque the nut or would you investigate deeper?
  5. I forgot my number so scribbled it on an envelope but it’s hard to see... hopefully everyone will allow it! esso garage and park head station
  6. Just been out and out 170 miles on my tiger 955i On the way home I noticed that on the overrun at around 10-30mph there was a noise I can only describe as a scratchy rumble from the engine area, it may have been there at higher speeds but too much noise to hear it, it would go away when the clutch was pulled in and I could recreate it by pulling and releasing the clutch whilst in that speed range. I couldn’t get it do make the exact same noise on the centre stand but if I got it upto 3rd then there was a lot of noise from the front sprocket area. My initial thoughts were clutch release bearing but with the noise from the sprocket I’m not too sure anymore. Any likely culprits to investigate?
  7. Bagged a couple but was hoping to get about twice as many... couldn’t drag myself out of bed after a night shift though belsay hall aydon castle bp shell
  8. I’ve been bikeless since I scored my last points but I’m back on the road now so should grab a few this week!
  9. I made this mistake with mce last week, I was going to look at a tiger that I was assured was a sound bike, I knew the area had poor phone signal so I arranged my insurance the day before through mce. the bike was an absolute dog on the test ride and I then had to pay mce £75 to cancel the policy! Apparently they have no cooling off period? and the w@*#er who had it advertised has done me for a £100 deposit! We live and learn most annoying part is that I bought a different tiger the next day and as much as I would’ve loved to ditch mce completely I couldn’t justify double the premium (£600 difference) just out of principle
  10. I use the scenic app on my phone, never used the audio but I find it really useful and it plans some decent routes with good roads
  11. Hello all, ive just bought a 955i and want some panniers to fit it. Can anyone help if these will fit or will I also need to source mounting frames? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alu-Side-cases-35l-40l-with-kit-for-Triumph-Tiger-800-XC-900-955i/283427844951?fits=UKM_Make%3ATriumph|UKM_Model%3ATiger&hash=item41fd9db357:g:zxIAAOSw~b1dlJiB the description is a bit vague to me. thanks jamie
  12. I’m definitely not short... the reason for looking at tigers is I’m 6’ 3” and my gsxf is too cramped for long journeys. my touring will be all solo, in the end budget has decided it and I can afford up to £4K but a 955i with full luggage for £2k was too tempting and leaves money for home improvements... I hate growing up sometimes!
  13. Hi all, I'm looking to move on from my first bike to an adventure bike for the extra room now my insurance had dropped a little. in my budget I have the pick of the 955i or I can afford a 1050 but with no luggage. I want it for Sunday morning blasts, commuting and touring. I’m not a fast rider but I do like to push on occasionally. any input would be appreciated Jamie
  14. Just on the topic of spring length as it’s been bugging me since you first mentioned it so I checked in some manuals at work. generally when spring lengths are given they’re a service limit, so the longest or shortest length depending on their use. In this case they get compressed by the pressure plate so the limit in your manual will be the shortest acceptable length, as yours are longer than stated they are still within spec. but it’s all sorted so happy days!
  15. That is amazing
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