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  1. Wow so it does. Why the hell does it say that lol I don't and never have owned any of they things (although would love to). I'm also nowhere near Hastings as my user name suggests
  2. Anyone remember this film with Ed Harris. Not watched it for absolutely ages. Time may be clouding my judgement of how good or bad it is
  3. [mention]rennie[/mention] wow really. [mention]geofferz[/mention] i keep changing my mind so by the time comes around to putting pen to paper I'm sure I'll have said every bike ever made
  4. I'll say doughtfull lol
  5. Excited to get going. Not sure if I'm the only idiot to have all ready done there cbt twice . At 19 in 1999 i bought a brand new yamaha tw 125 (the wierd trail type thing with a chunky rear tyre) well I rode about with L plates until I sold it then my cbt expired. Then roughly I think about 6 years later I bought a aprilla rs 125 done my cbt again, yep, let it expire again . WELL... this time that ain't going to happen at the ripe old age of 40 the wheels are in motion to get this full licence sorted once and for all. Theory booked, cbt still to be booked (work rota need to sort). Fancy a 650 BANDIT or yamaha xj6 or something as my first big bike
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