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  1. Beyond sad ... The psychological damage we have done to children is abuse by any measure.......
  2. I’m going into work as advertised ... on the bike .... 14 miles there ..... 85 miles back ...lol lol
  3. Rained overnight but forecast for glorious sunshine. Told work on Wednesday I would be late in Thursday .... So that will be Friday then ..! 251 Miles of fun and games ... M18 / A1 to Wetherby then the loop as shown; It was bitterly cold ... but how could anyone complain ; However the SPAR at Grassington has great hot chocolate ...
  4. Shell Super .... big singles love it .... mine does ...
  5. I trust to a Kriega rucksack with a MacBook Pro 15 inch in it as my spine protector ..
  6. I bought a Oxford Hinterland 5 months age ... totally waterproof throughout the “summer” , but as its so short .. (but super comfy) its a summer / autumn jacket only ..I’ll go back to my super cheap. “sort of Chinese Gortex ebay” jacket for the winter as it sits much lower over my trousers. But the Hinterland is a great jacket. I bought mine as clearance stock from CMC Motorcycles at Clay Cross for ........ £100 ... !
  7. Just been watching Ross Kemp in Afghanistan with 45 Commando RM .... sobering .... Night Chaps ....
  8. A pedestrian, a Woman, was hit by a car in a road near by ... badly bleeding ... the Air Ambulance was transiting the area and were called in to get a doctor on site fast. She was taken by ambulance to the local hospital .. before the crew had even finished stowing their gear they where tasked to another incident. Top Chaps all. Pilot, ex Army. 2 Senior Paramedics, Doctor.
  9. Morning all, the field behind my house approx 1900hrs last night ,,,
  10. Disagree ... we all ... all ...have to get covid sooner or later, thats the only long term protection ... Glad we’ve all had it ... your turn next ...
  11. My 11 year olds tears as she was abused by the staff at the government / NHS PCR testing centre will stay with me .... Strangers forcing her to stick rods up her nose ... Child Abuse ....! She tested positive ... without symptoms .... Child Abuse .... Your either for or against child abuse .... pick your team ... it’s black and white ... Stop Testing Healthy Children ...
  12. The sooner we stop free testing the better .... if you feel ill pay for a test otherwise stop testing ... Self defeating in the extreme ..if we wake up tomorrow morning and all 65 million people in the UK have covid and no one dies .. so what ! Sticking rods up children's noses is child abuse.
  13. This weekend is going to be a bit different; Julie is off to Lanzarote tomorrow ... with her friend Lesley .. for 10 days .. Without me .... !!!!!!!!!!!! I’m looking after the children ....... Which is good ..... All 4 of them ... SO .. I have a cunning plan; After school on Friday we are all off to Haxey Quays Camp Site. The girls and lad can run wild ... sort of lord of the flies .. and me and Connor can sit and chill ..ish In the tent Friday and Saturday night, on Saturday we are off to Cadwell to watch the motorbike racing and and eat junk food. Sunday we are off to the Normous Newark Autojumble. At the campsite the girls will play out well after dark with the other kids on site and a great weekend will be had by all ... Thats how it usually works ... BUT .. Julies missing this time .. I’m sure it will work out well.....
  14. TOB Cycle race has been a fantastic opportunity for fans to see the greats of cycling in action. But most of all I was so happy to see Pippa Yorke presenting ... as Robert Millar she was an inspiration to me as a younger cyclist.
  15. My son John went missing. The whole estate was out looking for him ... We called the police .... After 3 hours he was found .... asleep under his bed. We hugged him and after a few tears we all went to bed... In all the fuss and upset, for the first time ever, i did not put the locks on my Yamaha 350 YPVS. In the morning it was gone !! I’ve never forgiven him !!!!
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