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  1. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a nice twisty roads outside London, any suggestion / recommendation?
  2. Quoting the UK Gov website https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/france/entry-requirements Travellers who are fully vaccinated do not need an essential reason to travel to France and do not need to self-isolate on arrival. Fully vaccinated travellers will need to present the following documents: ... evidence of a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of departure, or a negative antigen test result taken within 48 hours of departure a completed ‘sworn statement’ .... This can be found on the French government’s website proof of vaccination status Vaccination status ...“Fully vaccinated” is defined by the completion of a vaccination schedule, specifically: 2 weeks after the second dose of Pfizer, Moderna, Oxford/AstraZeneca 4 weeks after the single and only dose of Johnson & Johnson 2 weeks after the single dose of any of the above vaccines if you have previously tested positive for COVID-19
  3. I'm planning my motorbike trip across Europe as well in the next few weeks. My plan is to transit by France for 3 or 4 days. When you arrived in France, did they ask you your reason for travel and if you were staying or transiting? According to the website, the transit time is just 24h, but I guess if you have the negative test + vaccine you can stay there without quarantine.
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a motorbike insurance (Third Party, Fire & Theft) and the only one with a resonable price is MCE. I was wondering if anyone can give me some feedback, pros and cons about it... Their price is much lower than the others so it makes me thinking whether their policies don't cover everything or there is something hidden. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi everyone, is there any website you recommend to buy used motorbikes in UK?
  6. Hi all, I'm based in London and I'm looking for a garage to rent for my motorbike. Is there any website/forum/app useful to find one?
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