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  1. Definitely, the sat nav wins hands down on the bike. I’ve had similar issues with overheating, and I struggle seeing my phone in harsh sunshine. I must admit, I do struggle with sat nav with only voice guidance though...
  2. Ahhh that’s a good point actually, I forgot about the Beeline. I remember doing some research on them once, and the opinions were even more divisive than GPS vs phone! Maybe that’s another question for another day
  3. Same. I knew there would be a healthy division in preference, but that’s why I asked... somebody always comes up with a helpful point of view that I never thought of!
  4. Morning TMFers! In light of an upcoming trip, I was thinking this morning about the pros & cons of using a dedicated motorcycle sat nav over a phone app (or vice-versa.) From a personal standpoint, I find a dedicated sat nav to be better whilst on the bike. But I find them fiddly to use, a nightmare to set up, with dated user interfaces, and about 16 million unnecessary menus that I have to Google when something isn’t working. And then there’s the ridiculous cost of them. Phone apps aren’t quite as good on the bike, but their functionality is intuitive (we’re used to smartphones these days), they’re quick, they’re cheap (many are free), they’re accessible, and they’re convenient. Plus there is an abundance of choice. Do you have a preference over one or the other? And is it worth sacrificing the quality of a dedicated unit for the sake of convenience, choice, ease of use, and cost?
  5. My consistency with earplugs has always been a bit hit and miss, so over the last 12 months or so I’ve been making a conscious effort to remember them. A bit of impromptu Googling this morning had me stumble across some custom ones that cost in excess of £300! And this got me thinking. Do you wear earplugs? And if so, are you content with the squidgy ones? Do you have mid-range branded ones? Or have you gone all out with custom plugs?
  6. Haha, I bought one because I thought it was a do-it-all machine (which it can be - in the right hands.) I’ve seen riders throw them around off-road like they’re a 125. Unfortunately, I’m not good enough to do that and feel more comfortable off-road with smaller capacity bikes. Therefore mine is just really a glorified touring bike. For me personally, it’s overkill for day-to-day use. And for touring, there are better options anyway. I don’t think there’s anything I could do my bike that I couldn’t do just as well on a lighter bike.
  7. Agreed on the KTM thing... rather than helping them succeed, KTM pulled out because they thought they would fail! That’s pretty shameful. I also agree with your points regarding height, visibility and luggage capacity. (They’re some of the reasons I bought a big adventure bike, too.) However the mid weights are just as tall, provide just as much visibility and (almost) the same luggage capacity. I just wonder if we really need to carry all the extra heft around when smaller machines do the same job
  8. Good point! But then again, I should imagine you don’t spend a lot of your time picking your 300kg Pan up out of the mud! On the other hand, having something for no other reason than you love it is as good a reason as any in my book.
  9. I’ve struggled with the concept of big adventure bikes for years. They’re too big, too heavy, and generally not used to their full capacity. But in an era where middleweight adventure bikes are just as good (and a whole lot lighter), isn’t it about time we retired the big adventure bikes? * KTM 890 - 196kg (dry) * Yamaha Tenere 700 - 187kg (dry) * Husqvarna Norden 901 - 166kg (dry) * Triumph 900 GT - 194kg (dry) I can’t think of a single trip where I would absolutely need a 270kg+ adventure bike over a sub-200kg middleweight one.
  10. As a photographer, I almost always take either my phone, tablet or laptop and do a bit of editing whilst I wait for my food to arrive. People seem less interested in people who are busy, plus I’m not just sat there looking around at nothing
  11. I’m a big fan of booking.com and use it pretty much exclusively. If the restrictions ease off in the summer and we’re allowed to play out, I might just give this style a try
  12. Like most things, it’s never as bad in real life as the nightmare you conjure up in your head! Apart from in Venice. I popped into a local restaurant for a pizza before it got busy. I noticed the smarmy waiters talking about me and then all of sudden ‘All By Myself’ by Celine Dion came over the speakers followed by a roar of laughing from behind the bar. I don’t think I even finished the pizza!!
  13. I love the idea of chasing the sun! I’ve done a fair bit of touring in my time, but I’ve always followed my own schedule and had all my accommodation pre-booked. But I totally see the merit in ditching the rainy Dolomites plan for some time in Sunny France
  14. Yea I’ve been on a few tours with mates and riding clubs and they’ve always worked out fine. I think the personality clashes is a great point. Imagine having to share a room with someone on an organised tour and you end up not getting on with them!! And everyone wants to do/see something different. But inevitably, you can’t do/see at all of them or else you’d never get anywhere. All that money for a restrictive tour that you end up hating
  15. You raise some good points there! Thanks mate
  16. Agreed. I prefer to tour alone (in the main) but dinner can be a little awkward!
  17. From some of the stories I’ve heard, that often sounds like the case!!
  18. Morning all, Whilst day dreaming about places to visit in 2021, I found myself browsing organised touring companies. What are your thoughts/experiences? Ever been on one?
  19. Positive throttle, clutch control, rear brake, and spin your head. And don’t touch the front brake! I did that. Once
  20. My dad is on his second Deauville, he had the 650 and now the 700. Having ridden both, I have to agree with you. I’m surprised my dad hasn’t replied to this thread to say as much actually... I’m sure he’s on this forum
  21. Yes. They’re getting bigger, wider and heavier. Which is strange, really, considering most riders want bikes that are smaller, narrower and lighter.
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