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  1. Cant remember what pads i am using to be honest... The pivot point is greased up and not overtightened.. MC has been highlighted and the rubber cover is torn so crap might have gotten in i suppose
  2. Mine is an older MKI B6 so doubt it will be related in truth
  3. Ok basically the front brake on the bandit is shite.. The lever has a few mill of travel then goes hard and abit notchy when heaved on, thebrakes are wooden as well and its getting steadily worse... Calipers have been rebuilt with new seals etc and new fuild a few months ago.. Any ideas folks??
  4. Thanks for replies lads... Ok its just been serviced with new plugs, filters and oil, the coils could be a possibilty although they wouldnt cool down much in a couple of minutes i wouldnt have thought but wont rule them out.. Plugs are a good colour according to the manual and theres no blue smoke.. Does use abit of oil but not alot.. Fuel starvation is possible as well and the easiest to sort ( i think).. What would you check lads?
  5. After any tips or advice on the this issue. Basically the bike starts everytime when cold or warm but when up to temp its a cow to start, it tries but wont catch then for no obvious reason it will just burst into life.. Never had a bike do this before so qbit stumped
  6. Thanks for posting those links up Gord.. Was very humbling to see so many people there.. Thanks must also go to Cleveland Police as they will be controlling the traffic too allow the funeral processions with hopefully hundreds of bikes following to proceed inhindered..
  7. Last night a load of her friends from the biking community met at the Pitstop Diner to say their farewells... There were alot of tears shed and yet it ended in a way that moth Marie and Matty would have approved... Around 100 bikes firing up the engines and giving it large...
  8. On friday night about 3 miles from me a young couple on a Triumph were involed in a fatal crash.. Matty was 21 and Marie only 19... So sad to lose 2 young people when they had the whole of their lives in front of them. I never knew Matty at all but knew Marie from one of the FB groups i am part of. Hard to believe we will never see her whitty and friendly posts anymore I hope you will all say a prayer for them both and their familes and friends and here is a tribute video put together to remember Marie. Such a beautiful young lady... RIP bonny lass.. you will be missed by all who knew you.. ">
  9. I managed to get a very good shock off a B12 with hyperpro spring and it slotted straight in... i may need to adjust the preload abit though but i will get it checked first.. i knwo bugger all about setting shocks up
  10. cheers lads... i know the one on my bandit was 32mm and i didnt have a socket to fit the bugger,,, 24mm i have so hopefully i should be able to get the bugger off
  11. Hi folks... just after a bit of info on the Hornet 600... got to change the chain and sprockets on one at the weekend and need to know the size of the front sprocket retaining nut or bolt... cheers
  12. the switchgear does have a locating peg on the bandit but if its like mine it has been removed so the postion can be altered... i have the standard bars on mine and find i dont have to reach for them too much.. just slacken the bar clamps a smidge and rotate the bars to suit you then retighten..
  13. a gixxer shock will fit but its depending on the year... some are too long and wont fit... other years will fit with minor mods to battery box..
  14. cheers mate... another avenue to look at
  15. Fozzie was that a straight swap or did you need to make mods to any of the mounts ??
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