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  1. Good morning. We’re off to our holidays today. We’ve rented a cottage in the Lake District and will be travelling a whole hour to get to it from home. I’m looking forward to a week of chilling, and walking the fells.
  2. There’s absolutely no requirement to do Bikesafe or equivalent before IAM / RoSPA. I would contact the local group and just take it from there. In my experience they are, for the most part, friendly and welcoming and supportive of anyone wanting to improve their Roadcraft.
  3. Steve_M

    New bike!

    Nice choice. I had an FJR before buying my GS and, like you, thought it was better in almost every respect. With hindsight I do wonder if I should have gone for the RT...
  4. One explanation given to me was that capacity was reduced as a result of the 2008 crash, consequently the supply is unable to keep up with the upsurge in demand. No bloody idea if that’s a factor or not. I do know that the many bits of work and garden projects we have to do here are costing a bloody fortune.
  5. Perhaps an early electric bike as a curio?
  6. A friend is looking for a car in the hope that he can find a “future classic”. Which got me thinking about the bike dealership I was in yesterday which had bikes that are already classics (eg RC30) or seem to be suitable candidates. A hypothetical question. Which bike would you buy as a potential classic for, say, under £5k? I think I’d go for something low production, and a bit different. A Buell Firebolt, for example.
  7. I once put my thoughts down in blog post... like most blogs it didn’t make it past the third entry, but this is what we do. Mostly. Link: Plans are useless but planning is essential.
  8. Thanks. Will do. It’ll be next year by the time we’ve got it ready.
  9. Shame you’re not closer. We’ll be looking for someone to keep beehives on our field. We’re planning to make it a wildflower meadow so, hopefully, it will be a good environment. We’re not prepared to keep the damn things ourselves, though.
  10. We had an enjoyable and interesting ride through some of Cumbria and Northumberland. He rates the pillion seat on the GS higher than any of my bikes since my CX500... high praise indeed. Though, to be fair, he didn’t ride on the ST1100 nor the FJR1300.
  11. Good morning. Today I’ll be going for a short run out on the bike, taking my son as pillion for the first time in many years.
  12. Building a, hopefully, deer proof fence around our soon to be veggie garden.
  13. Thanks. I’ll have a word with them see what they can do.
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