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  1. Needing new tyres after our little jaunt up to Scotland last week, I’ve just had a price on new Michelin Road Pilot 5 Trails for the GS. The price was a little higher than when I replaced them two years’ ago, but not significantly, and we’ll within what I anticipated paying for fitting by a Motorrad dealer. The interesting thing being that they don’t keep stock - and I’ve just bought the last front tyre of this type from their supplier’s stock. It might be worth checking on availability if your tyres are nearing the end of their life.
  2. How about the guy who rode down to Glen Etive last Saturday. Once there he found he had a slow puncture in his rear tyre. Managed to get back to the A82 and tried to phone his breakdown insurer to find he hadn’t renewed his cover last year. I am that biker. Many thanks to the two bikers who helped me out.
  3. Getting the tank full on the GS is a trial of patience. A trait I lack… Oh, and today I had to get a puncture repaired … this short break hasn’t really gone well.
  4. I sprayed (E10) fuel all over the bike. The screen is now opaque and needs replacing.
  5. That’s a fun journey <sarcasm alert>. I lived in Norwich until 2 yrs ago, and my mum lives just outside Walsall (my daughter lives near Lichfield) so it was a fairly frequent trip for me. Look on the bright side, you don’t have to get stuck in the traffic queue at Elvedon nowadays (the A11 was all single carriageway and the A14 didn’t exist when I used to commute weekly from Solihull to Norwich!).
  6. My approach was that the rider should be a “thinking rider”. I would rarely prescribe any course of action - much better for the associate to assess. I’ve been on group rides with a number of different groups now and can say that I’m not impressed with some. The Norfolk groups, both IAM and RoSPA, have the best approach that I’ve encountered. All rides have a designated observer / tutor organising. Meeting times, location and route published in advance, groups of no more than four, with debrief stops at suitable safe locations. The debrief is a short assessment of how the ride is going and any feedback is welcomed by all. It finished as a designated cafe for refreshments.
  7. Is that the one at Old Buckingham? I recall seeing one there when I went for Two Wheel Tuesday.
  8. With my “observer” hat on, I agree with your point about not overtaking in the situation you outline, for much the same reason. I have discussed this point with other observers on observer training days and I can only think of one who disagreed with that view.
  9. Never read them. I wish there was a box to decline receipt. And they can’t even be composted.
  10. I have been a member of either IAM and RoSPA since 1992 , and have been an observer / tutor respectively. I’m pleased to hear you found it useful. The tutors are generally decent people who just want to help.
  11. I washed it. Mostly because it got a bit grubby as I meandered around Cumbria, Scottish Borders and Northumberland.
  12. Fingers crossed all is well with your lungs and the longer term effects.
  13. Steve_M


    Thanks. Some of that sounds familiar from using booking dot com for hotels - we once worried that we wouldn’t get into the hotel at Fuentes De as it only showed two rooms available. There was us and one other couple… the hotel was otherwise empty.
  14. I’ll have a look at that.
  15. Join your local IAM or RoSPA group and work towards your test (no need to take it, but the guidance you get will clarify those points).
  16. Steve_M


    Has anyone used Pitchup? I usually tour with my good lady, so hotels are the order of the day, but I’m considering taking a long weekend away soon. So I’m considering taking my tent…
  17. 1) Gardening - making a vegetable garden 2) House renovating - removing plaster off the walls 3) Dog minding for my daughter. 4) Trying to work out why I’m so knackered.
  18. I wouldn’t have thought another half dozen cars (of Baggies fans) would cause much additional traffic. Now, had it been a Villa home game… We had to go to Hexham yesterday. The A69 was closed due to a fatal RTC so got redirected around the country lanes. Only added 10 minutes to the journey. And lovely countryside.
  19. I’ve had four crashes and a couple of close calls in 30 years of riding, all of which were (this) rider error. 1) Don’t get over confident. Down a familiar road I went a bit quicker than usual thinking “It’ll be fine”, which didn’t allow for a car coming the other way as I ran wide out of a bend. I leant the bike over more at which point we parted company. 2) Don’t push your luck with an unfamiliar bike. Riding a 750 Honda Africa Twin with knobbly tyres, it didn’t handle or grip as well as my own bike. 3) Don’t get fixated on distance when touring, stop when cold and tired. I did make it to the next town but only after a micro nap caused me to fall off. Luckily I was travelling slowly. The French police were very helpful, 4) Beware of distractions. Turning right off the A47 the young lady at the junction in a convertible car had a fine cleavage. The avoidable gravel I crossed while turning the bike led to my downfall. 5) Target fixation. A very rare occurrence as I’ve been riding long enough and done enough track and off road training to know better. There is a bridge near here where the road narrows and the walls are stone built. Two weeks ago I found myself looking at the walls and failing miserably to tear my gaze away as I headed towards it. It was a wet day and I missed it by a narrow margin, with the rear of the bike stepping out as it hit the verge edge - I claim no credit for it not depositing me in a hedge. I’m embarrassed to admit this mistake … but I’m determined for it not to happen again. I doubt I’ll be so lucky another time.
  20. You know that one bike you wished you had never sold? I just stumbled on the photo of my CX500.
  21. I used to cycle past them on my way to work many, many years ago.
  22. We went for a walk along the Forth and Clyde canal today. I saw this sculpture. It has a fascinating background. Link
  23. I’ve just been reminded that it’s been eight years since I stopped working in IT to become a self employed gardener, and four since I fully retired. Among the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  24. They’re carrying out tests to assess the suitability of hydrogen just up the road from here, at Spadeadam. I hope it’s an easy conversion from LPG as we have a monster of a tank in the garden and I sure don’t want the expense of replacing it.
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