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  1. Croakies https://www.croakies.com/
  2. BMW ones are distance AND time. So, creeping to a roundabout, you still have to cover the distance before they cancel. Similarly if you are stationery. Some models can have the distance reprogrammed at the dealer but I think the minimum is still a long way.
  3. Well,now I have been told that part number is for the GT Air 2 and won't fit the Neotec II and there isn't a new baseplate for the Neotec II ... yet @OldEssexMan has one that does open a small crack. Very frustrating.
  4. Now Feridax say it does exist but will need to be brought in from Germany. Now I just need to confirm the part number is correct- that part number is showing up as for a Gt air 2 at my retailer
  5. Thanks for that. It was Beth who told me it didn't exist! I will try again. It would be a very useful modification. My best Shoei helmet for visor adjustment was quite a while ago and had a micro-ratchet to give three small positions in the first notch.
  6. I finally got a reply from Feridax ... to say the part doesn't exist!
  7. I use BlueMail - seems reliable.
  8. There are several reasons why you can get numb fingers. Vibration is one. In my case it is pressure in the wrist that traps the nerves to my fingers. I have had the same problem mountain biking for years. I can even get the problem driving a car if I am not careful how I hold the wheel. Adjusting the handlebar position and angle to minimise the pressure point is probably the best solution. Some gloves make the problem worse. With my mountain bike, the gel padded ones seem worse - I think the gel bunches up and puts more pressure where you don't want it. Thinner gloves therefore tend t
  9. Did you ever manage to get one of the new base plates? I have tried a couple of times to contact Feridax but not received any reply. No Shoei dealers seem to list the part you mention.
  10. I agree with trying a dealer. I just sold my bike to a dealer - they were offering more than I was getting offered as a trade in. We agreed the price from pictures, emails and phone calls. They came to collect it and made the bank transfer when they arrived so I had the money before they drove away with it. Unfortunately they are in Darlington so probably a bit too far away from you.
  11. A decent hearing aid place should be able to do custom earplus for £100. I prefer Starkey ones because the material is softer but the cost a big more. Get some and save your hearing. My ear canal is an awkward shape so foam plugs never worked well.
  12. A33 south of Reading, I seem to recall. It was a long time ago.
  13. Neither was the one I chased once. Seemed about neck and neck.
  14. Surprisingly not. I did have to sometimes force myself to say "this is getting silly " and slow down. It would allegedly do an indicated 140mph, as did the Kawasaki 400cc 4 stroke that was around shortly after I got the KR1-S. It was dirt cheap to insure as it was only the cc that mattered back then.
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