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  1. I looked through my father's old photos from Oliver's Mount but couldn't find any of Peter Middleton. I think the photos are a little too early- mostly 1949. My father was a press photographer in Scarborough then. Sorry I couldn't help.
  2. I remember a long time ago a friend wanting to check the gearbox oil on his VW Polo, I think it was. Removed what he thought was a fill/level check bolt. Heard a clunk inside the gearbox. Then had to have the gearbox removed and rebuilt.
  3. Not my experience. I remember being overtaken in a 30mph limit by a landrover when I was doing the speed limit on my K1200RS. I always had panniers on and made sure I took up the whole lane but the speed limit wasn't fast enough for him.
  4. Raper is a good Yorkshire name - I should know! Supposedly comes from Roper - hence common in fishing/seaside area I live
  5. I actually liked my K1200RS. Bought for mile munching and that was what it was good at. Ride for 2.5 hours untill it needs fuel then ride for another 2.5 hours. Sad to see it go. You could toss it could corners but it took a bit of effort and shifting body weight. I have not disliked any of my bikes. Even my Puch "sports" moped.
  6. keith1200rs


    My riding gear in the late 1970s was an anorak, hush puppies and sheepskin gloves. Fortunately I never crashed.
  7. I have the Alpinestar TechAir 5. No subscription and just over £500. You need to make sure you have room under your jacket for it to expand. I cannot say how effective it is as I haven't crashed (yet). No tether but expensive if you crash as it has to go back to Alpinestars.
  8. Croakies https://www.croakies.com/
  9. BMW ones are distance AND time. So, creeping to a roundabout, you still have to cover the distance before they cancel. Similarly if you are stationery. Some models can have the distance reprogrammed at the dealer but I think the minimum is still a long way.
  10. Well,now I have been told that part number is for the GT Air 2 and won't fit the Neotec II and there isn't a new baseplate for the Neotec II ... yet @OldEssexMan has one that does open a small crack. Very frustrating.
  11. Now Feridax say it does exist but will need to be brought in from Germany. Now I just need to confirm the part number is correct- that part number is showing up as for a Gt air 2 at my retailer
  12. Thanks for that. It was Beth who told me it didn't exist! I will try again. It would be a very useful modification. My best Shoei helmet for visor adjustment was quite a while ago and had a micro-ratchet to give three small positions in the first notch.
  13. I finally got a reply from Feridax ... to say the part doesn't exist!
  14. I use BlueMail - seems reliable.
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