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  1. Thank you fastbob, but I should have said, "I'm looking for an original silver/chrome one", a friend bent the original and don't want to change both. Thank you. Alan.
  2. As above or please pint me in the right direction to find one in the UK.
  3. Where did you get yours from? Just bit the bullet and ordered a 9 from Go Pro, came with an extra battery.
  4. So how does that make the dealers dishonest? Because both dealers told me that they had bikes coming in to stock and when they checked on the database, they would have seen that this was not the case as no bikes were listed, so they lied to me.
  5. I'm not happy, several months ago I approached two dealers to enquire about buying a brand new Vulcan S, I was told that Kawasaki were bringing some into the country in April, April came and went, no bikes, May came and went, no bikes, June came and went, no bikes. So I made a call to both dealers again, reminding them that I was still 100% wanting one, I was promised a call when the bikes arrived. June came and went and still no call, so yesterday I mailed Kawasaki direct, this afternoon they replied, informing me that the next Vulcans to arrive would be the 2022 models and they should hit our shores in later September/early October. I am not happy at all, because of my disability, I need the bike to take my lessons and tests on, which are booked for August and September. I now have to try and search the country to find a decent used bike or cancel my lessons and tests.
  6. Eventually got my wish and managed to sit on a Vulcan 650S, tried the Honda CMX500 first, but the foot pegs were too close and I couldn't get comfortable, then a Triumph Speedmaster, fantastic, but very heavy and my insurance wouldn't even consider me for the bike. But the little Kawasaki was perfect, tried the full Ergofit and found a suitable and comfortable seating/footrest position, so the bike is ordered and should be delivered by late July, I might just wait the extra month and have it registered as a 71 plate on September 1st. Happy days.
  7. Good afternoon everyone, after some advice or help if possible, due to my disability (right leg below knee amputation and some surgery), I cannot bend my leg anywhere near 90 degrees, so keeping it on the footrest on a normal bike is a no no. I do have some feeling through the prosthetic and can operate the brake through the sensation I get in the residual limb, from this, the best option for me is a cruiser with forward controls. I wanted to sit on a Vulcan before the last lockdown, but didn't get much feedback from the salesman, nor would he entertain adjusting the Ergo fit system to try and find the best fit for me. He kept looking at his watch, so I got off the bike and left. As I'll be using the bike to take my tests on, is there anyone in County Durham/Tyne & Wear who has a Vulcan I can try or another cruiser like the Honda VT or other Japanese models, I could sit on and find a comfortable ride? I know the Vulcan can be made A2 compliant as it doesn't have the 67bhp minimum, so will be reduced to 47, this will mean after I pass my test, I'll be limited to bikes that have been or can be made A2 compliant, thus reducing my choices, but this doesn't bother me as I'll just be happy to get out and ride. Any help or assistance will be gratefully recieved. Thank you.
  8. I've not had a contract phone for years, I just buy my own now, (nearly always Motorola, currently on a Moto G9 that cost £160) and pay BT £7 a month. So over 2 years it cost me £13.67 per month. No brainer.
  9. Thanks, had a quick peek on Google earth and they look to be about half a mile apart, but I'll have a look next time I'm up there. Jan's Kitchen is a nice little place for a bite if you're passing.
  10. Would that be Jan's coffee shop you're refering to Bender?
  11. My wife asked me if I'd seen the dog's bowl. I said, "I didn't know it could play cricket"!
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