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  1. And my father in law has also mentioned about the gel padding im looking into doing that aswell the only problem is that stuff they can charge what that want cause its a speciality item lo .
  2. to be fair yes i am i work as a classic car specialist in the day which is where i learned how to do it so ive seen a lot of restorations of classic cars but not really a huge fans of cars there okay but i find it boring so i decided to look into this as well as some other things to see if its something people would have. i can custom design seats or make as original as possible its all down to the recipient.
  3. Hi everyone, I've had a passion for bikes since a very young age all types and shapes, I've done various restorations to a few close family members bringing there ripped tired seats back to life. I would like to ask peoples opinion, if having a custom design seat is something the fellow bike community would like. Thanks guys Ryan
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