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  1. Does anyone live near wigan,that rides on a Sunday. Not on any sites like Facebook.
  2. Thanks dudes for posting on my wall. Unfortunately it seems the bike was short lived. It's going back to the dealer's today, due to the fan not working, so only been out on it one. But fingers crossed it's fixed and back soon.hehe
  3. I've been like a kid on Christmas Eve. Hardly slept a wink last night. Bike arrives today. Is this sad at 53 hehe
  4. Do any of you know if Warrington or Wigan have a meet place for bikers.ta muchly in advance
  5. I live in Wigan and use Bryn vets, they are very caring towards all the animals, but I feel you may be a bit far in Preston. Bryn vets is in between j24 and j25 off the m6.
  6. I have just bought the cbr600 f sport from a dealer,priced @ 2495 with 24000 on the clocks. Only 4 owners from new and full service history. The bike store is going to service it, put a full not on it and give me 3 months warranty. I think this is a bargain. And they are going to deliver it to my house. Winner winner chicken dinner
  7. Thanks pal. It's been a while,so I might be a bit rusty hehe
  8. Hi all. I'm a 53 yrs young biker,been riding bikes since I was 17. Started off with a kawasaki AE50,and over the years have had over 30 bikes from the AE50 to rd250/350lc right up to an r1. I've just bought an 03 plate cbr600 f sport which I pick up in the next 2 weeks. I live just off the my j23 and would love to ride out with any locals to me at the weekends.
  9. I pick up my new bike hopefully at the end of this week. I'm wondering if any bikers meet up on Sundays and if so we're?
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