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  1. For me the marina is a 5 minute walk so white swan or ride from the marina is always a little better
  2. Havnt been around for a while and pretty busy so apologies about lack of show on this and the meets! My bike is getting lots of tlc after the trip so that's me also done till next year! Hopefully see you all then!
  3. Could be up for this! Ride the wall is also soon upon us in October but will post about the meet before the date! Need any excuses possible to ride the bike before it rains to much!
  4. Sorry guys, think I am having breakfast in Italy on Sunday....or was its Switzerland...lol Will catch up with you soon no doubt that breakfast has just made me feel awfully hungry for one!
  5. Just thought I would check in. Currently at nurburg and made it through France, Belgium and Luxembourg and tomorrow we are off to Black Forest! Will post pics when I am back! So far no dramas except my mate mark having no luggage to put his stuff in!!
  6. Good work! Sounds like you have found am instructor who want people to ride well and not just get through a test. Enjoy it, that's what we ride for (Also, I dropped the bike on my cbt, the instructor wondered off in the phnom left me to it and He passed me. I never went back to him and I muted 15 miles via bus just to go to a better riding school, and I am so glad I did)
  7. I bought a waterproof onsie from m and p direct off ebay for 20 quid..havnt tried it but taking that and leathers round Europe.... I know it would be annoying for commuting but could be worth a look at
  8. Off to protsmouth abseiling the spinnikar tomorrow! Next time bud! Although gonna chill today I think!
  9. The guys I turned up with (part of the mcc at camp) loved it! Was good to see everyone but shame about the weather! And my misses phoned to say she had a near miss and involved the police which was a bummer!
  10. I read about this but also read that if your sat nav can turn them off, that is fine. (So long as they are not on when you get pulled over). I can turn them off on my garmin so should be good! Also will be using maps, havnt done loads of planning but that's half e fun....right....lol Cheers for the advice guys!
  11. Cheers guys! Got the gb sticker sorted. Need to book a few nights and some road cover and then pre-motorway charges. I am gonna guess you can buy the motorway toll/charges when you are there? Cheers, Gaz
  12. Shame I missed Saturday but has an awsome time! Hopefully can make all of it next year!
  13. Urgh!!! Really shouldn't of gone out dressed in drag last night......had no pockets and now I have no phone!! Lol! See you all soon!
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