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  1. Well, I finally at my 3rd attempt so am over the moon now. I had the same instructor that failed me last time and by no means it was my best ride at all he said that I picked up speed at the right times, dropped back at the right times and overall it was a really good ride. Tbh it was the only time out of all three attempts that I ever felt like I had enjoyed the ride weirdly even though it didn't feel like my best. @PaulCa the insurer actually told me that the quotes were so high because it was my first year of riding and not for any other reason. Anyone else my age and in my situation would have exactly the same problem. Having been out on my bike a few times now, I made 100% the right decision getting this bike, it is a beauty. Weirdly I feel that the power and braking on my bike makes me feel alot more stable than when I am learning on the 650s. I really don't agree that I don't have any regard for the highway code or my safety. I know how I ride, I ride defensively and don't take risks. I have seen how other bikers ride and am not like that at all so I am really not sure how you can come to the assumption because I've failed my test twice and have a litre bike? But anyway I've passed now so that's all that matters - bit of an anti-climax tbh
  2. @Ian Frog I've been out on it a few times with my instructor and moped riders are a nightmare. I feel as though the government should make it harder for them to qualify. Whats frustrating is that the MOD2 is basically run by civil servants and they are like robots. If you don't ride exactly in accordance with the highway code its a failure. I failed because I wasn't 2 seconds behind the car in front in a national and I was a good 5 metres away. Anyway I have another test in a week. Third time lucky I suppose.
  3. Does anyone know if these two are compatible? I came across an article in a motorbike magazine saying that the two weren't on some bikes. I ride a 2008 Yamaha FZ1SA. I've just put some E10 in it and although it is running fine and I've just drive around 10-15 miles on it, the bike felt different. The engine sounded calmer, the revs weren't as loud and normally you can feel the bike pull away when you give it even a tiny bit of throttle. Gonna do some more research but would welcome any thoughts.
  4. Failed my MOD 2 for the second time yesterday - anybody here taken more than once to pass it? Really annoying as I am confident on a bike and have a litre bike which I can't ride. The bike which I did my test on feels like a Honda CG compared to my bike. Really frustrating and I have to wait a month before I can take it again. So pissed
  5. I went out with my instructor, we were both radioed up but now have to wait another 4 weeks until my test again
  6. Much better picture. I love it.. my back starts to ache after a while but I think that's because I sit in quite a crouched riding position and its really difficult to find 1st from 2nd and with no gear indicator thats a bit of a pain. What were your first bikes and do they bring you good memories?
  7. Thanks all so much for your advice. Really much appreciated
  8. As promised guys. What a beauty.. 100% made the right choice.
  9. @Bender def gonna upload pics... watch this space and im gonna go so easy with it. Cant even ride it for at least a month until I pass the mod 2
  10. Well I actually don't have it yet - he's going to ride it up for me next weekend so can't upload pics until then @Six30 @Bender @Stu it definitely has.. can't believe it myself - i'm gonna upload the pics when I have it next week
  11. Had a look today. Was too much of a beaut to turn down. Have only gone and bought my first bike
  12. So at the moment I'm getting quoted an annual cost of £1100 for TPF&T and £2200 for fully comp (both MCE)!! MCE are the only provider that I can get insurance from on the comparison sites. I've got 6 points for speeding but these weren't crazy speeds they were 20mph cameras that sprung up out of nowhere (still speeding but the first time I was going to 24 and the second time 27). I would go 3rd party only but not confident of my bike not being nicked as I am in London and motorcycle theft is really high here
  13. The insurance isn't actually that bad but its completely unaffordable if I do fully comp so gonna have to go third party fire and theft to build up my no claims. @xMachina so I've looked at the weight differences between the two and the FZ1 is 30kg heavier than the Gladius when wet and the seat height is only half a cm higher than the Gladius. Funny enough the first time I ever got on a 650 the weight of it fell on top of me when I stopped at a junction. I stopped, the weight of the bike went to the left and I couldn't hold it up and and I fell over, it fell on top of me and my leg got trapped underneath. I'm def gonna try the FZ1 once I've got my licence but the advice from bikers on here has helped alot. @Blackholesun I was turning right at a rounfabout and so going into the right hand lane when exiting and didn't do a left shoulder check for traffic approaching from the left. Also froze at a mini roundabout when I was turning right. The traffic on the other side was going straight and was waiting for me to go but I was waiting for them to go. Gave me a serious for undue hesitation. The instructor had to tell me that I had priority and I could go.
  14. Thanks a lot guys. I failed my Mod 2 yesterday so have to wait at a month until the resit. If I had been learning on a 250 then a jump to a 1000 would be too much but from what I can see comparing the Gladius and FZ1 (in terms of seat height and weight) there's not a great deal of difference. I'm going to have a look at an FZ1 tomorrow and the seller is retired, doesn't drive it in the rain, is always kept in the garage, it has low mileage and looks in a good nick from what I can see so far so it seems a perfect fit. Can't ride it yet which is frustrating as I don't have my licence yet but he said he'll take me pillion. I can see what my instructor is saying because if I had a Gladius, I think I would honestly want to sell it after 6 months even when on my 1-2-1s with him my back starts to ache after an hour of riding. Opinion is so split on the internet (but it is mostly from America where I think they might learn on much lower cc bikes). Some people are saying go for it and others are saying completely the opposite!
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