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  1. Is that in the pic the 1200 XC model ? I'm assuming it's not the street scrambler 900 because its got double disc break ? Also what your thoughts on the 900 street scrambler that worth getting over the 1200 ?
  2. Hey, see attached pic which Triumph Scrambler is this ? Also if I went for the 1200 Scrambler which one would be better to get XE or XC model ?
  3. Anyone got any links to some custom Yamaha FZ6's and also a good website for custom parts and the place to go to get colour changed on wheels, bike etc and brake calipers
  4. Hey everyone, wheres the best place to go in the North East of England in getting my bike customised, sprayed matte black etc ? Also see attached pic would anyone help me identify what type of bike this is and is it customer bodykit on it ? Cheers E
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