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  1. Excellent mate. Another ill thought out consideration - love it. Thank you very much for this - will do.
  2. Thanks for the comment, Goat! - You can find it on IMDB although the release date isn't scheduled until December 2022 (although it may take longer than that, thinking about it!) Thanks for your comment, S-Westerly. You're right, there isn't many left. I think it would widen my chances by trying to interview son's and daughters of these legends. Thanks for trying Keith. It's a breath of fresh air hearing of something "earlier" than what I'm looking for!
  3. Hi, I'm the son of Norton rider Peter Middleton. A feature-length documentary called "The Fastest Lap" is being made that is to cover motorcycle racing in the late 50's and early 60's, mainly at Oliver's Mount, Mallory Park, Cadwell Park and the Isle of Man. If you were a rider, race official or even a spectator during this period, who would allow an interview, please let me know. I'm willing to travel anywhere in the UK for just an hour of your time. Best Regards, Pete Middleton
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