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  1. He wants 1400$ for it and it was always stored inside
  2. The guys said that the bike was running when he put it away three years ago. What should I check first? What is the most common problem with the bikes after sitting for a long time? I would say I the carb but it doesn’t have any
  3. Just found out 125 is the max for beginners
  4. Tomorrow I’m buying a 2013 300cc ninja Kawasaki... it’s broken so I’m going to repair it and sell it to purchase a slower one, but I mean what fun is it if you can’t test drive it? Should I test it out in an empty parking lot or would I break something?? I don’t matter but would the bike likely be okay?
  5. I am not even old enough to have a licence yet. Only 15, but he thinks that the back wheel has a lot of torque and the throttle is super sensitive so when I hit throttle it would do a burnout essentially. The 0-60mph time is 5.6 seconds and top speed is 108mph so he thinks it too powerful and too fast
  6. I’ve convinced my father to let me buy a project bike and I brought up the subject of me riding it and he said it was too much horse power and the back tire would just spin. What would be a good starter bike, the one I am purchasing is a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 (has Abs)
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