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  1. Hello everyone, I am a new member, I am from Essex, UK, It has been very difficult for me to find a scooter that are good for a long cruise with good MPG and low rev engine (I mean it doesn't scream round 50 -70mph). My currently is a Suzuki CS50 1987 are great for ride but only for a short distance it is under power struggle 15mph up the hill (I am weight 212 pounds!) and the drums brake are rubbish performance on a damp day, but I will keep it. I want like a comfort, practical (space boot) and good MPG (my Suzuki is a bit thirsty but is old) and if it can be tuning with a large cylinder (I am CBT allowed to ride up to 125cc) I was thinking of buy Suzuki Burgman 125 or Yamaha Majesty 125? Is there any more are better than Burgman and Majesty? My budget is £2100. I am not an expert on two wheelies than the cars. Any helpful tips would appreciate. Fab.
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