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  1. I emailed Beth at Feridax last week (customerservice@feridax.com) and she said that they don’t have stock at the moment and suggested placing a back order with my retailer so that there is a order on there to get the stock in.
  2. I’ve had both the FJR and GS and the GS was way more comfortable than the FJR.
  3. I recently bought a Shoei Neotec II but it's got a very annoying problem with the visor in that I can't have the visor just 'cracked open' (also known as the city position) so that it is open a small amount, I can either have it closed or open about an inch but not between, all my previous helmets have had this feature. I decided to email customer services at Feridax who are the UK importer about this issue as I know that Schuberth had this issue and produced an upgraded visor mechanism so maybe they would have some advise or at least would feed back to Shoei for future consideration, this is their reply: For customers who prefer the smaller first notch opening Shoei are introducing a new base plate set. This is yet to arrive in the UK but it is scheduled for early Feb delivery, the part number is 0793408 and retail is £19.99 So I just thought I would share this info incase anyone else is having the same problem.
  4. I had an FJR and found it very uncomfortable, some bikes just fit some people.
  5. Thank you, I'm loving it, I've only done a few thousand miles due to almost being written off by a car driver who didn't think a give way junction applied to him, so I'm still recovering from my injuries and long journeys are still painful so all I can manage is an hour at a time I've been here a long time, joined in 2007 and I've been doing the Challenge 100 since 2014! (http://rigsville.com/tag/tmbf2014/) but I'm more of a lurker than a poster.
  6. 2010 Sapphire Black BMW R1200GS Twin Cam TU For sale, my well kept and maintained BMW R1200GS twin cam in excellent condition with 45,748 miles as of 18/06/2019 Serviced by BMW specialist Mikeyboy from Overland and Classic Motorcycles 1,775 miles ago New Metzeler Tourance tyres fitted 2,009 miles ago MOT expires May 11th 2020 £5,500 with all extras, sensible offers will be considered FULL SERVICE HISTORY 11 Jun 2010 621 Mile Service 26 May 2011 4,950 Mile Service 18 Sep 2012 11,911 Mile Service 20 Sep 2013 17,342 Mile Service 30 Oct 2014 24,269 Mile Service 07 Apr 2016 30,304 Mile Service 09 Aug 2017 36,809 Mile Service 23 Mar 2019 43,973 Mile Service EXTRAS INCLUDING: BMW heated grips BMW tinted screen BMW clear screen BMW LED white indicators Cymarc stainless steel oil cooler guard Exhaust flap valve eliminator pipe (stainless steel) Final drive cover Frame covers Front engine cover aka crud catcher Front mudguard fender extender Givi BF22 tanklock adaptor (designed to take GIVI Tanklock Bags) Givi S310 Trekker fog lights Givi SR684 Monokey adaptor plate MRA X-creen adjustable flip-up screen spoiler Rear brake fluid reservoir cover Replica mudsling Radius bar risers Wunderlich seat guides Wunderlich boxer bag Wunderlich turn signal cancel switch lever go to the following website for more high resolution pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qbi8ayqetscxfdg/AAAt7gVTanxlQL-3YXj_UTTha Located in near Atherstone - CV9 go to the following website for more high resolution pics: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qbi8ayqetscxfdg/AAAt7gVTanxlQL-3YXj_UTTha Located in near Atherstone - CV9 £5,500 with all extras, sensible offers will be considered Mobile: 0777 5762 721
  7. Some great locations and love the new twists.
  8. Another 200 mile run out on Friday to bag another 2 locations from the North Wales section. Chester Roman Amphitheatre [/img] The Railway Hotel [/img]
  9. Had a nice 350 mile day out on Friday, managed to get all 10 Central/East England locations as well as 2 additional pubs long the way. Central / East England Lincoln Tank Memorial [/img] Market Rasen Racecourse [/img] Mount Pleasant Windmill [/img] St Nicholas Church - Searby Cum Owmby [/img] [/img] [/img] Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway [/img] Bay Horse Inn [/img] Railway Tavern [/img] Cadwell Park [/img] Gunby Estate, Hall and Gardens [/img] St Andrews Church, Leasingham [/img] Pubs Windmill [/img] Castle [/img]
  10. Green Hippo's (Central England completed) [/img] Royal Oak [/img]
  11. Sycamore Harley-Davidson [/img] Belvoir Brewery [/img] The Trent Lock [/img]
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