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  1. Know too many people who have these and they all fell apart so I won't be getting them
  2. and yeah the pace does get a lot quicker the longer you do it, i started off doing 2min 20sec round oulton last time i was there was doing 1min 53sec want to get into the 49sec but may be difficult as next time ill be on an sv650
  3. My 2001 gsxr 600, its for sale if your interested
  4. Crash bungs can cause more damage, if they dig in they can flip the bike as you say or even cause frame damage if hit hard enough
  5. Nice one, no video games but search philgalesv650 in YouTube I have loads of vids round oulton or search BSB lap oulton there is a quality video with commentary overlayed It contact mike Edwards on his site he sells a DVD at each track with his commentary over it goes into good detail as well you will find some sample vids of his on YouTube as well...he's one if the best 1 on 1 coaches around and proper proper quick.
  6. shit motors them nafink wrong with them, good car for the money anyway.
  7. good motors or buy my 2011 vauxhall insignia
  8. Its more expensive because it owned by MSV and palmer wants the most he can get for it. Oulton is about £20k a day to hire in summer if i remember right thats why its comfortably north of £150 Just take it steady for the first couple of sessions, you will not learn the track in a day. places to watch out for are druids if its been wet the day before or on the day, thats the double right hander under the trees so takes forever to dry out, lodge also looks quite inviting but you do drift off as the track drops away on the exit. Island bend is good, coming down the straight there is a bump if your going quick enough will lift the front a bit just before you tip into a 130mph ish corner and slam on into a banked hairpin, you will be surprised how fast you can go into this corner with the banking helping you. Druids is the only place to watch really, having said that old hall (first corner after start finish straight) if its been raining there is usually a puddle on the apex and its new tarmac as well so a bit slippy when damp. dont let any of that scare you tho, just think you know whats coming you know what to expect if druids is slippy you know its going to be slippy, on the road its pot luck whats round the next corner. whos the day with and when you thinking of doing it, i cant recommend No Limits enough they are by far the best TDO IMO, having worked with Focused and been f**ked around by them I wont be using them again ever. plus if it is a NL day fingers crossed you get Alex photographing the day.
  9. talking of crazy did anyone see Phil Crowes wet tyre after a practice session? they dont last long at 200mph
  10. What's not silly money? well was thinking the bike you see above a 2001 gsxr600 complete with V5 2 sets of wheels one with slicks or racetech or similar tyres one with wet tyres a trailer to get it to the track spare set of body work for it a set or tyre warmers and stands and a 20lt jerry can, may be something else im missing... thinking about the £2k mark, the bike has been crashed like 99% of the track bikes but has always been repaired and is 100% straight. HPI clear as well.
  11. You have less chance of crashing on track than on the road, Ive done Oulton a few times and love it. It is one if not the best track in the UK. If you go out and ride like a dick you will no doubt crash, if you just want to open it up a bit and take it stead you will be fine. and the pros crash because they push as hard as they can, plus they dont have to foot the bill. regarding insurance, ive never bothered for that excess you will be better buying a track bike for £1500 and using that instead.
  12. If your thinking of a track bike im going to be selling my k1 gsxr600 not after silly money either and thinking of packaging it up with a trailer as well if your interested http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm99/tmbf_photos/Anglesey%2016th%20may/8K9U9014.jpg http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm99/tmbf_photos/Anglesey%2016th%20may/8K9U9810.jpg
  13. If your gonna crash do it in front of the photographer, having photographed a few track days its a guaranteed sale Track fairings are cheaper to buy sell all the road bits track it and look for another cheap road bike will prob work out similar price. luckily the hairpin is a slow corner so wouldnt of been that bad coming off there, i crashed at Almeria doing about 120mph that was fun so when is the next track day?
  14. How many miles are you doing in it, what type of driving are you doing etc etc if your just doing short distance and less than 10k a year then get the petrol, if your doing lots of long trips then diesel is the way. you will only see a benefit with diesel on a long trip
  15. the deal with CPW isnt loaded with O2 software either, CPW all have unlocked phones unless its an iphone. and as i said the £9 saving isnt worth shelling out the £279 id rather spread the cost and spend that £279 on something else. and Zod if your putting £20 a month on PAYG your crazy, even tripling your credit you not gonna get the same usage as a cheap sim only.
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