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  1. Let's do a TMBF census 2021: What are you people? I consider myself European and human. Multiple choices are fine
  2. You will love it. The bike is very light and sharp. When I have bought mine MT09 I test rode MT10, S1000R and Street Triple. MT10 has more power but MT09 is more fun and sharp on bendy roads. BTW change CO2 emmisions, factory settings are C1-0, C2-0, C3-0.. Change it up to 14 on all 3 Cyl' and this will make a differance, bike will be much smoother and Engine temp will be lower.
  3. No offence but that is pure BS mate: what is the point to have government at all then? The only job of any government is to provide security for the country. During wars, pandemics etc. General public know f**k all about pandemics and what they must do. The facts are clear New Zealand has good governmnet that protected the people. The UK has the worst government and the worst number of deaths in whole Europe. I blame the orange clown Johnson - his utter incompetence and dittering has costed the UK more deaths (68 000) then the whole WW2 blitz civilian bombing deaths (41000).
  4. Not sure what do you mean here it is not China's fault that the UK has incompetent government innit? I mean the UK has 68 000 deaths and New Zealand has 25. You do the maths.
  5. Ok people the UK has a deal with EU. The job is done and from 1st Jan 2021 UK is independent country waiting for the new Brexit bright future to happen. Give me your definition of it? How much time will take for the new Brexit bright future to happen and the UK to recover all the Brexit losses incured since 2016? Mogg say the UK will need 50 years. Some other people mention 2030. Lord Digby Jones assure us that in 100 years everything will be great. So tell me when you think the new Brexit bright future will finally come?
  6. Too late If you bother to read my previous post I already have nomited all the twats writing here: You twat
  7. Couldn't agree more. I am doing a group nomination for all the twats that have posted in this thread. I have lost 30 minutes of my life reading your twattery here people
  8. Hello people, any feedback on Aprillia Tuono v4 1100 2020 ride? Anybody that owns it or test ridden it give me your opinion I love the look is it worth it?
  9. I like how it looks. Only a test ride can reveal is it better then my MT09. I seriously doubt based on the fact that although it may be light for its class its still 10 kg heavier then the MT09 and the position of the bars and seat is too sporty for me. My definition of better is relaxed position on a very light sharp agile bike with a lots of torque when doing legalish speeds Obviously you don't want to do high speeds on a naked bike. And add the price pretty sure 99% its not for me. I mean with this price tag I'd rather get Aprillia Tuono v4 1100 which looks better and maybe rides better?
  10. Hello people, TfL is doing 24h bus lanes. IMO that is a good idea. What is not good is TfL completely disregards motorcycles. You can drop them email: betterbusjourneys@tfl.gov.uk Hello, I think having 24h bus lanes is a great idea! You have said you want to hear about our experiences on bus lanes on the Transport for London Road Network. There is a lot on inconsistency around allowing two wheels motorcycles in the bus lanes on the Transport for London Road Network. Some London boroughs allow motorcycles in the bus lanes which is great for reducing pollution and congestion. Unfortunately some London boroughs have restrictions regarding motorcycles in the bus lanes. That is wrong and increases journey times, it is not safe for motorcyclists and increases London pollution and congestions! Would you fix that please? Allow two wheels motorcycles in ALL of the bus lanes on the Transport for London Road Network.
  11. I take your points. In order to avoid counting confusion the best way would be to count all excess deaths then? For all the people saying, these are unprecedented times, Boris Johnson is doing a good Covid19 job protecting our lives and families. Give him a break. Who could have done a better job? Literally anyone if we use excess deaths rates: https://i.imgur.com/NPeDye2.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>
  12. Sorry? When was it up to the government to make sure people stay clean and look after themselves! What pisses me off is the general public will not take any responsibility themselves. We literally pay taxes to the government to take care of our security and public health mate. You are pissed off? To say I am angry will be a huge understatement here. Pissed off is not even starting to describe how I feel today about Johnson and Cummings! Johnson just confirmed the morons (us all?) who keep Covid19 rules don't love their family enough. Rules are for little people only. If you care for your children and love your family you will NOT follow any rules as confirmed by our leader Boris Johnson. Follow common sense and f**k other people & NHS. Good news: the 14 000 fined for breaking the Covid19 rules can appeal now because of the PM decision. https://bylinetimes.com/2020/05/24/14000-brits-could-now-appeal-lockdown-fines-thanks-to-dominic-cummings/ On top of that because of Johnson's sheer arrogance and incompetence, the UK is now the worst Covid19 affected country in the world! Daily confirmed coronavirus deaths per million, rolling 7-day average. May 25, 2020: 1. UK 2. Sweden 3. Brazil 4. US 5. Peru 6. Spain 7. Ecuador 8. Belgium 9. Mexico 10 Canada 11 Italy 12 Chile 13 Ireland https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/daily-covid-deaths-per-million-7-day-average
  13. Sir Roger Gale today: "You can’t have one law for the Prime Minister’s team and another law for absolutely everybody else”. Boris Johnson also today: "We have one law for the Prime Minister’s team and another law for absolutely everybody else". Meanwhile, the UK has the worst death toll in Europe and more deaths because of Johnson sheer arrogance and incompetence (over 50 000) than in the whole 40/41 nazi blitz bombing (40 000 civilian deaths). Johnson is not Churchill. Churchill never said f* your mum and dad let them die and take it on the chin. But yeah let's clap for NHS tonight. What an utter BS. Nobody is clapping in Germany with a population 30% bigger than the UK and only 8000 deaths.
  14. How is it me riding my bike solo as one a day exercise any different than my neighbour cycling? If anything people cycling are more exposed. INB4 fuel - well I use app anyway and pay at the pump. Note I do stay at home now and don't ride the bike. But my question is about the written rules - are there any rules written by the UK government about motorcycling now specifically?
  15. Aussies say solo ride is legal once a day pandemic excercise: https://motorbikewriter.com/pandemic-still-legal-ride/ What is the UK rule?
  16. About the trust. I spoke this morning on LBC with Farage answering the question can we trust Johnson when he say: "MPs are holding the country hostage don't want GE" tldr; We can't trust Johnson because there are at least 4 ways to nake GE and he wants his way only - to be in control! "> Bonus I do made Farage to despair and give up ate the end Later today LibDems/SNP proposed general election and James Cleverly rejected GE proposal on Andrew Marr show! Means I am right - the only one who holds the country hostage is Johnson. He just wants to keep his job not a fair GE!
  17. Me today listening on LBC radio to all Leavers cloud cuckoo land excuses after the loser Johnson lost the great Saturday vote: https://i.imgur.com/6QjNFPm.gif' alt='IMGUR>'> Today was a very good example of what is Brexit: on the one side we have experts, reality and Letwin on the other is Johnson beating his chest and incoherent babble blah blah ww2 blah blah the deal is great blah blah trust me. The last one was really funny. Trust me? Trust me? From the serial liar Johnson that lied everybody in the UK including the Queen. That sounded reassuring The reality won. Johnson lies today have been exposed - if he wants the deal he could have accepted the Letwin vote which is FOR the deal adding legal assurance that the said deal will happen removing No Deal option.
  18. If you negotiate, some insurers will match your existing NCD used on an existing vehicle on a new policy to get your business. I've done this with cars and bikes in the past. I now have multibike and multicar policies. Not exactly you can do what Joe has done, have 1 policy NCD applied to more then one bike. It's called mirrored NCB. Leave the Honda where it is with Hastings and ask the insurers of the new bike to mirror your Honda NCB to the new bike too. https://www.quoterack.co.uk/No-Claims-Bonus.aspx
  19. Thank you Joe. It stalls with the clutch pulled and no releasing the clucth gently works only in high gears in my tripple engine. Engine has a lot of stopping power and in 1st or 2nd gear will not start gently. Anyhow the underlying idle speed may be fixed by bumping up my CO levels. I have done that lets see what happens
  20. Hi All, my mt09 is stalling when downshifting gears. It is very anoying the bike stalls in roundabouts when downshifting. I pull the clutch and frantically start it again whilst coasting - very unpleasant and dangerous. Only way to avoid that is to give it plenty of revs and slip the clucth when downshifting a lot. The smell of the clutch afterwards is not nice and pretty sure I am ruining the clutch that way. I do have noticed stalling is more when the tank is at the end. It was not doing that with full tank now it stall with full tank as well. Any ideas people how to fix it?
  21. Try Triumph speed twin too. It looks and rides much better IMO. Has more power for the same weight. Better brakes and suspension. And it looks very cool: https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/triumph/speed-twin-1200/2019/
  22. If you get the ferry to Spain you don't need your UK license - you can get from your nearest post office IDP - International driving permit. This is the driving license needed after 31 Oct when UK is 3rd country and not in the EU. You can get one a use it now too instead of your UK driving license too: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/driving-in-the-eu-after-brexit-international-driving-permits#get-an-idp Unfortunately the French law is different - they require drivers to get IDP and the home country driving permit. Means you need your UK driving license for France anyway. Driving with expired UK license in France is risky. The worst that can happen if French to confiscate your bike.
  23. What bike and what tyres you've got mate? Educated guess: your tyres are made of pure horse shit, not right size and/or not inflated properly. If you want to ride bike get a license and proper bike with good tyres
  24. What is a Big Harley? Are they not all like barges
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