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MFN 5th Sept


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Quick show of hands......

Who 'might' be going down this week?

All those attending, say "AYE"

All those not, say "NAY"

All those not sure...., Say "Ya know what, sod it, I will be there Mr Snoops"

PS, You Don't HAVE to call me Mr Snoops if you'd prefer not to.

I mean, you CAN do, but it's not essential.

It's not like some initiation test or anything.

In fact, thinking about it, I don't recall anyone calling me that. ever.

I'm not even sure if i'd like it!?

I mean normally, I get called all sorts of names, all of which would probably get blocked by Vicki's swear filter.

hahaha, there's a contradiction in terms eh? 'Vicki' and 'Swear Filter' in the same sentence :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyway, I digress, come on, who's gonna be there? 8)

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Sorry but despite the great time last week (even with the extra wear to my rear tyre - ok may be my own fault there!) but I will be in Holland (Ishnt dat vierd - in a gold member style).

How are we looking for the run on the 16th btw I got my maps out down here in london and looking at routes!

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In summer.... Definately!!

But at this time of year, you have to factor in that you would be riding home in the dark.

So I guess really, it all hinges on whether your bike has lights or not? :lol: :lol:

No, seriously, there always seems a huge turnout at this place, and I've only started going the past few weeks, so can't wait to see what it's like during the proper summer months, (read that as 'next year')

If you decide to head down, PM me and I'll give you me mobile number. Nothing worse than walking round and seeing peoples bikes with absolutely no one stood near it :lol: :lol: :lol:

It's definately a Homer Simpson D'OH! moment 8)

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As just posted on extension of 'MFN 29 Aug' thread ...

"oh erm could possibly be but maybe not depending" :lol: :lol:

otherwise in normal (whatever that may be) circumstances, it would be a yes - now we have two wheels again :yay:

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Dont think you will be there late enough for me to get there.

SWMBO away so I gotta take the girls to the stables and bring them home. So would be 9ish before I could get there.

If you will be gone by then but fancy meeting up on the way home I could meet you out at the navigation. Depends when your curfew is?

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Sheepy: I will be on the same side

Mandy: See you there then :D

Spire: curfew? erm, about 9.00 :oops: how old am I? :roll: :lol:

Will text you later, might be able to sort something out 8)

No one else going?


Andy & Nikki?


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excellent, could just do with a few of the REGULARS reading this section of the site now, and it'd be a dazzling turnout!

Vicks, can I have a pressie for being the first person to use the word 'dazzling' on TMBF ? 8)

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:damn: missed YET again :(

Sheepy - glad to hear your gran got through ok.

We got update about fella's dad around 7.30pm. He's ok. So we're back on the road again.

Now you got Wednesday nights regular - how about the Friday/Unicorn one????? Anybody got any interest?

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