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Gear Recommendations (Gloves, Boots, Jacket)

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Was just looking for general recommendations and even pieces of gear to avoid that (hopefully) meet my criteria:

I'm going to be upgrading my gear to keep my hide safe over winter both for delivering pizzas part time, and the usual general (motorway) riding to and from work/my girlfriend's house. Going down Hein Gericke to take a look tomorrow, but i'm not optimistic of finding what i want there as i'm a student and my cash is short (especially in light of my latest tumble-down-the-road).

So the gear;

It must make a solid attempt to keep me warm for 4-6 hour pizza delivery stints.

And all be 100% waterproof (or as near as).

Preferrably as quick to get on and off as possible, because it always takes far too long to get riding for my liking (can't imagine a pizza delivery place will enjoy me taking an age to get suited and booted every time either). A jacket with the facility for an integrated back protector would be really useful along these lines, because it will save me having to put on my separate back protector like i do at the moment.

Strong ankle protection in the boots is a must.

Gloves preferrably have carbon fibre knuckles (e.g. http://www.carbonfibergear.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/alpinestars-3-4-gloves.jpg) - just in case i get set on by a group of chavs as it's obviously illegal to use anything to protect myself - and besides which i believe this to provide better protection to my knuckles in the event of a motorway spill.

I know i'm probably looking for the magic bullet here (gear that is nearly perfect for me, with a budget in mind), but even if people can only say things like "i had the [X brand, Y name] boots, and they leaked within weeks" or "i had [X] gloves and they protected my knuckles from a 70mph spill" - that sort of information is going to be really helpful in me finding some gear that i'm happy with for my riding, and make delivering pizzas all the more enjoyable (when i apply to somewhere of course, i'm getting decent gear first, especially in light of today's spill!)

Edit: Just thinking it might be useful for anyone else...

I'm not happy with the level of ankle protection in the RST Vortex 2 boots (~£80). My first pair fell apart at the velcro in about 6 months (and the zip kinked up from day 1) and my second/current pair (replaced on warranty) failed to prevent me spraining my ankle in a low-speed lowside today. However, i'm happy that they did offer some protection. I found they don't fit tightly enough, and that to do them up in a way that your ankle doesn't have too much movement takes several attempts, and alot of hard yanking at the velcro. On the plus side though, they do seem to keep my feet largely dry.

Aldi gloves, "Crane Road" (~£13, with the carbon fibre knuckles) i found these to be good for the money, dry and fairly warm, with a reasonable amount of protection, especially for the money. Only downside is that the stiching on the wrist seems to come unravelled quite quickly - so you need to be prepared to sew the velcro down if you want decent life out of the gloves (i did and i'm still quite happy with them, but would upgrade if i saw a good quality pair at a good price).

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I use a Oxford BoneDry wotsit oversuit, had no issues getting on over me leathers ....

Ingah, as you are aware, get the best you can afford. My personal recommendation would be HG stuff, but I appreciate it is pricey but it is good quality kit that lasts.

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Boots - only one I would recommend, Alt-Bergs. Never had so much as a drop of water penetrate them. Not as 'stylish' as other brands but do what they are meant to.

They also have walking boot soles so are all day comfy even when off the bike, and because they aren't covered in plastic sliders and crap they are OK under jeans.

Gloves - I have just found the best winter gloves ever! Wiese Oslo. Warm 100% waterproof, light weight and not bulky (has carbon knuckles!).

As already stated, an oversuit would be cheapest option over normal leathers.

If you are going to get textile kit, don't skimp and buy the Buster/M&P £20 specials. They don't breath like gore-tex/sheltex and will make you wet through sweat which in turn will make you cold.

Heine Gericke are the best at a reasonable cost - take a look at the HG DAYLIGHT SHELTEX JACKET FLUORO YELLOW £149,99. Excellent piece of kit.

If you already wear leathers then you could just get a decent pair of (gore-tex) walking over trousers (and jacket?) from Blacks or Millets.

Alternatively get textiles which zip to a jacket with armour in them.

You are looking at spending about £450-500 to get decent kit that will do what you want (doing the sort of riding you state is effectively professional riding) and the investment will be worth it in terms of comfort, security and longevity.

I have worn HG kit for professional riding for nearly 7 years and (provided you remember to fasten the storm flap over properly so the zip is covered!) have never been wet throuh the worst of storms.

I have worn the cheaper stuff and ended up wasting my money due to the reasons stated.

To me the most important bits are boots and gloves - having had a broken ankle it is so debilitating and damaged hands can have life changing consequences.

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I tried one of these Neil and the amount of hassle I had trying to get it on in the shop was just too much so I gave up. Do you have a particular brand that you use?


No particular brand, however I have cheap over trousers and an alpinestar top. Not too bad however the top is a sod to get on. No front zip, just pull over your head and with leather jacket on this is difficult.

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I'm with Hoody on the boots my Altbergs are six year old now,done about 20000 miles in them and not a wet sock in sight :D

2 piece rain suit from work wear suppliers mine cost me a tenner doesnt breath but keeps you dry,also as the jacket is zip up so access to your pockets is easy

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Anyone know any places i can try on these Wiese Oslo gloves and the AltBerg boots as the fit is the biggest concern? (I'm based in South Wales).

Have definate intentions to go down Hein Gericke (next week, always next week :wink: ), but i can't see either of these items being available there, and they both sound like the very best.

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http://www.altberg.co.uk/Web/ are in Richmond North Yorks.

It is a fair distance, but combine it with a weekend away to the Lakes or Yorkshire Dales and it would be worthwhile.

They do 'off the shelf' or if you have awkwardfeet they do them bespoke too.

Advantage is they keep the last and can remake a pair without refitting.

They also offer a full repair/reburbish service (resoling, replacement panels, replacement interior/waterproof lining (although mine have never failed anyway))

As for http://www.weise-clothing.co.uk/contact_us.html try the link.

Here is the dealer list http://www.thekeycollection.co.uk/dealers/index.html

South Wales Superbikes stock it as do Fowlers of Bristol.

I really would have a weekend in Yorkshire for Alt-Berg though. They are superb! (You can order for delivery too)

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I've never heard a bad word about Altberg boots, I used to wear a pair of their Warrior Aqua boots every day for work (as did a lot of my colleagues) and they were the best boots I'd ever worn, I still have them now and they still perform brilliantly.

I've not tried their motorbike boots but they're on my list.

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