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another tyres needing changed topic


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anywhoo , I bought bike a few weeks back and i still aint had the chance to rid it , bit crappy since its my first ever bike haha

the bike is desperately needing both tyres changed, I can't ride the bike to a garage since its not insured and too dangerous with the amount of tread left.

aaaaand all the garages ive called will only change the tyres if i take the wheels off the bike. (they wont take the bike in)

I have the new tyres sitting here , but im running out of funds

so is there any way at all to remove the back and front wheels of the bike without having to splash out for paddock stands?

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yes.. depends what you have to hand... car axle stands..? centre stand..?

with a centre stand the rear wheel can be removed, get it changed and back on, then using a car jack lift the front, support on axle stands and remove the front..

save up some funds and get a front and rear, the shops tend to do deals this time of year,

bike doesnt have a centre stand? then you need someway to lift the rear whilst supporting the bike. engine hoist crane? garage with strong spans (pref Steel).. strop it and lift it, might want someone to help you here.. do rear, then do front.

best bet, see if someone near you will help or has stands...

paddock stands cost £30+ and do you really want to see your bike lying on the floor... a wise investment...

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most young un s with 125's dont have a lot of money. You can loosen the back wheel right off then a couple of you can lift the back end before chocking the swing arm up with solid pieces of wood. Then remove the wheel completely. It sounds like a chew on but its a ten minute job.

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